The truth about Ali Al Hammadi’s participation in the Paris Olympics

Sources close to Ali Al Hammadi, the Iraqi national team striker, who plays for Ipswich Town in England, revealed the player’s position on participating with the national team.Lions of Mesopotamia“Olympian at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Al Hammadi underwent successful surgery on the adductor muscle, which he suffered from throughout last season’s matches, whether with his former team, Wimbledon, or his current team, Ipswich Town.

The sources told “winwin” that “the player Ali Al-Hammadi, after his successful surgery on the adductor muscle, received instructions from the medical team supervising his condition, as the team assured him that he needed complete passive rest away from playing football for a period ranging from 4 to 8 weeks.” “.

Ali Al Hammadi will not compete in the Olympics

In this context, the sources explained that “Ali Al-Hammadi received a call from the managing director of the Iraqi Olympic team, Abdul-Jabbar Hashem, where he checked on his health and informed him of his current condition, the duration of his absence, and the possibility of his participation in the Paris Olympics,” indicating that “Al-Hammadi informed Jabbar that he would not be able to play.” in Paris Olympics Because of his absence, which will continue for a long time.”

The sources added, “Al-Hammadi seeks to take advantage of his negative rest period by spending his vacation after the end of the football season in the First Division and qualifying for the Premier League with his team, Ipswich Town, but at the same time he seeks to quickly return to the stadiums in order to catch up with his team’s preparations for the next season.”

Ali Al-Hammadi, Iraqi national team striker and English professional Ipswich Town (Facebook/IFA) Winwin winwin

She noted that “Al-Hammadi will also miss Iraq’s matches in the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup, which will be held next June. Therefore, the player will not wear the Iraqi national teams’ shirt before next August, which is the expected date of his arrival.” “to its full readiness.”

Ipswich Town coach Ken McKenna had previously confirmed in press statements before the end of the season that Ali Al Hammadi is currently playing while suffering from an injury, and will need surgery for the adductor muscle this summer.

It should be noted that Al-Hammadi moved to the English club Ipswich Town during the last winter transfer period, coming from the ranks of the Wimbledon team, with a contract extending until June 30, 2028.

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