The Sudanese national team puts an end to the crisis of its leader and first star

In the next few hours, the Sudanese national team will receive its captain and midfielder, Abu Aqla Abdullah, who was absent during the recent period.

The player will join the camp in the city of Taif to be among the options of Kwasi Appiah, national team coach.”Falcons of the Jedi“For the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Abu Aqla is heading to join the Sudan national team in the World Cup qualifiers

A reliable source in the Football Association reported to winwin website that Abu Aqla Abdullah will join the national team camp within the next few hours, after his crisis ends.

He added that Abu Aqla was not injured, and was not removed for technical reasons, but he was absent due to special circumstances to secure his family and property, stressing that the 30-year-old player will be among the coach’s options for the rest of the qualifying matches, and noted that coach Kwasi Appiah was interested in the player and demanded his speedy inclusion. To the camp.

Headquarters of the Sudanese Football Association (winwin) One Win Winwin

It is noteworthy that Abu Aqla is considered one of the main elements in the Sudanese national team squad, and the second captain of the Al-Jidyan Falcons after goalkeeper Akram Al-Hadi. He has been absent from Ghana’s Kwasi Appiah’s list since last March, after the coach granted the Al Hilal stars a short vacation, and Abu Aqla was surprised. Everyone did not join the camp, and news circulated about the player’s injury.

The Sudanese national team will face its counterpart Mauritania on June 6 for the third round of the World Cup qualifiers, where the Sudanese national team ranks second with 4 points on goal difference from the Senegalese national team.

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