The Sudanese national team loses the efforts of its star in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

The Sudanese national team will play its next match against South Sudan in the fourth round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, in the absence of its star and captain, Ramadan Ajab, due to the accumulation of cards, after the captain of the “Suqour Al-Jidyan” received a third yellow card during the qualifying round, which will keep him away from the match scheduled for Tuesday, June 11/ June.

Ramadan Ajab is one of the most important players in the Sudanese national team, whom coach James Kwasi Appiah is betting on, and therefore his absence will have an impact on the formation of the “Souqoors Al-Jidyan”.

The captain of Al-Merreikh Club contributed to giving the Sudanese team 3 valuable points, following its victory over Mauritania in the third round of the World Cup qualifiers. Appiah is looking for a replacement for Ramadan Ajab, who performs with great efficiency in more than one position on the field, while he currently holds the position of right-back with the Ghanaian coach.

The Sudanese national team captain regrets his absence and trusts his replacement

Ramadan Ajab regretted his absence in the upcoming match against South Sudan, stressing that his potential replacement can replace him, and he said in an interview exclusively with the website, “win win“I am sad to miss the team’s next match. I was hoping to participate and provide a helping hand to my teammates, but I believe that my replacement can do what is required of him.”

He added: “The Sudanese national team has distinguished elements in various positions on the field, and the 11 players can accomplish the task in all matches.”

Part of the players' joy after Sudan's victory over Mauritania in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

The 34-year-old star stressed the importance of the victory over South Sudan, saying: “We must continue our victories, after we raised the ceiling of ambitions high and reached 7 points. Our topping the group put us in the spotlight, and all the teams will redouble their efforts in order to overcome us, and we must “To be up to the challenge.”

Ajab concluded his speech by saying: “We must continue to make the Sudanese people happy at this difficult stage in the country’s history. The war has destroyed many and claimed innocent lives, and I hope it will stop.”

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