The Sudanese goalkeeper flirts with the World Cup dream and reveals El-Hadary’s role in his brilliance

Akram Al-Hadi Slim, captain of the Sudanese national team, expressed his happiness at returning again to wearing the national shirt, confirming his ability to provide the technical addition, and revealing the secrets of his continuation in the stadiums, expressing his unwillingness to return to one of the giants of Sudanese football, Al-Merreikh and Al-Hilal, and considered that “Falcons of the Jedi“She can compete in her group in the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup finals.

Akram thanked Kwasi Appiah, the coach of the national team, for his confidence in his technical capabilities and his ability to provide the addition, by saying in a special and exclusive interview with the winwin website: “I believe that my successful experience with the Ghanaian club with the Khartoum National Club earlier had an influential role in inviting me again.” To wear the national jersey after everyone thought that my football career was over, adding: “Appiah trusts in my experiences and my ability to provide an addition, and I will not let him down, and I will also spare no effort in helping the national team.”

The Sudan national team captain reveals the standards of coach Appiah

In this context, Al-Hadi revealed the dialogue that took place between him and coach Kwasi Appiah, saying: “The Ghanaian expressed his confidence in my ability to provide the technical addition, and he bet on my experience, but he assured me that the basic criterion for participation is giving and effort only, without regard to experience or young age. I promised him to double my efforts, and assured him that I would not let him down.”

Akram El Hadi Selim, captain of the Sudanese national team

The son of the Al-Merreikh goalkeeper in the 1970s considered that his early beginnings with the various national teams and his continuation until he reached the age of 35 suggested to everyone that he was advanced in age. He said: “I started participating with the national teams at an early age, and I may have been the youngest player to join the ranks of the national team. When I was invited to join the ranks of the youth national team, I remember well that I was not yet 15 years old, and only two years later I joined the ranks of the first Sudan national team. I made a big and rapid leap.” It helped keep me going until I was 35 years old.”

On the other hand, Akram confirmed that he preceded his generation in appearing with the national teams and said: “I lived through different generations, and I preceded my colleagues in the clubs. When I was invited to the national team, I was active in the Abu Anja team in the second division, and one of the people of my generation is the current captain of Al-Merreikh Club, Ramadan Ajab.”

Akram El-Hadi Selim reveals the role of Issam El-Hadary in his brilliance

The Sudanese national team goalkeeper considered that his association with former Egyptian national team captain Essam El Hadary with their former team, Al Merreikh, helped him a lot, saying: “I benefited from the captain of the Pharaohs national team, and I consider him my close friend. He gave me a lot of advice, and he is a role model for me and all goalkeepers, and he continued on the field until the age of 46 years is a sure proof of his distinction and uniqueness.”

Al-Hadi expressed great happiness at continuing his 19 years with the national teams and continued: “Many of my generation are working in coaching at the present time, and before our test match against the Tanzanian national team yesterday, Wednesday, May 15, the assistant coach of Tanzania was surprised by my continuing on the field, after I faced him in the year.” 2007 during the East and Central African Championship (CECAFA), which was held in his country. It even caused him an embarrassing situation when I saved a penalty kick he took while the match was dying and we reached the final at their expense. He congratulated me and confirmed his happiness with my continuation.

Reaching the World Cup is not impossible

In a related context, he considered that the Sudanese national team can compete in its group and reach the finals world Cup 2026, saying: “We can compete, and reaching the finals is not easy, but it is not impossible, despite the war conditions that greatly affected the country and forced Sudanese families to emigrate. We are preparing well for the matches, and Appiah is a great coach, and we also have a distinguished group of players who do not lack experience.” “.

Ghanaian Appiah, Sudan national team coach (winwin) One Win Winwin

Akram ruled out returning again to Al-Merreikh and Al-Hilal after having successful experiences with the two teams. He said: “I completely rule out my return to one of the two teams again. The opportunity is available to other goalkeepers. I took my full chance and have no desire to have a new experience with one of the two clubs.”

Al-Hadi also revealed his desire to achieve a new record with the national team, saying: “I want to achieve a new achievement with the Falcons of the Jedi.” He added: “I participated in all tournaments except the World Cup. I reached 88 international matches, and I want to cross the barrier of 100 international matches. I am training very seriously and my teammates trust me. I am completely satisfied with my football career and my ambition is without limits.”

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