The Sudanese Federation takes disciplinary decisions against Al-Merreikh and Al-Wadi

The Sudanese Football Association’s Players Transfer Status Committee has taken decisive decisions regarding Al-Merreikh and Al-Ahly clubs.Wadi Nyala DistrictIn addition to Haitham Kabu and Qutbi Al-Tayeb, heads of the two teams’ missions in Tanzania.

The Players Transfer Committee decided to refer the two clubs, Hay Al-Wadi Nyala, Al-Merreikh, Haitham Kabo and Qutbi Al-Tayeb, to the Disciplinary Committee of the Sudanese Football Association, for not adhering to the decision of the Football Association and violating the circular issued by the Association regarding the rest period during the summer transfer period. The two teams played a friendly match today, Wednesday, July 3, at the Azam Club Stadium in Tanzania.

Mohamed Halfa: Al-Merreikh and Al-Wadi did not contact the Sudanese Football Association

Mohamed Halfa, Vice President of the Players’ Transfer Committee, revealed that the Football Association has issued clear regulations governing its activities during the transfer period. He said in a special interview with the WinWin website: “The Football Association’s decisions are clear, and have been circulated to all clubs, preventing them from organising friendly and official matches during the mentioned period, with the condition of obtaining the Football Association’s approval.”

Al Hilal and Al Merreikh captains Mohamed Abdel Rahman and Ramadan Ajab before the derby match from which Al Merreikh withdrew

Regarding the participation of Sudanese clubs in the East and Central Africa Clubs Championship during this period, Mohamed Halfa responded by saying: “Participation in that championship was with the approval of the Federation’s Board of Directors and its knowledge. Al-Merreikh and Hay Al-Wadi did not contact the Football Association to hold Test match On the specified day, they were referred to the Disciplinary Committee to take decisions regarding them.

It is noteworthy that Al Wadi Nyala and Al Merreikh are currently in Tanzania, after the end of the Sudanese Super League Football Championship, and the coronation of the club Crescent moon With the title, after his rival Al-Marbakh withdrew from the match stadium in protest against the television broadcasting rights for the match.

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