The Saudi Al-Ittihad star beats Mbappe in Euro 2024

The Saudi Al-Ittihad star excelled N’Golo Kanteagainst Kylian Mbappe and all the stars of the French national team, during the match against Austria, in the first round of the group stage in the European Nations Cup, Euro 2024.

And achieved France national team Victory in his first match in Euro 2024, as he succeeded in overcoming Austria with a clean goal, in the match that was held on the evening of Monday, June 17, 2024, at the “Aspert Arena”, within the fourth group matches in Euro 2024.

Kante, the Saudi Al-Ittihad star, man of the France-Austria match

The star of the Saudi Federation and the French national team, N’Golo Kante, won the Man of the Match award from the tournament’s organizing committee and the European Football Association (UEFA).

N’Golo Kante, man of the match between France and Austria in Euro 2024

During the match, Kante received a high rating compared to Kylian, as the Saudi Al-Ittihad player received a rating of (7.5) out of (10), while Kylian received (6.8) out of 10. According to the “platform”WhoScored“The global specialist in football statistics.

During 90 minutes against Austria, Kante touched the ball (73) times, made 46 correct passes out of (53), and the accuracy of his passes was (87%).

France's national team achieves the most important victory against Austria

N’Golo Kante, the Saudi Al-Ittihad star, created two chances, sent (2) correct long balls out of (4), and dribbled one correctly, and won (5) out of (10) ground duels. He only committed one mistake and was obstructed once, while the ball was dispersed. On one occasion, he made (3) obstructions during the match.

What did Kylian Mbappe do in the France-Austria match?

On the other hand, he fought Mbappe (88) minutes and he left the match injured. During his participation, he had (4) shots (1) on goal, one outside the goal, and two shots that were intercepted, and he wasted a great opportunity.

Kylian touched the ball on (45) occasions, his passing accuracy was (92%), he did not create any chances, and he made (3) correct dribbles out of (6) attempts during the match.

While in aerial duels, Mbappe won (2) out of (2), excelled in (6) ground duels out of (10), did not commit any mistake and was blocked by Austrian players on 3 occasions.

It is noteworthy that Kylian Mbappe left the match due to a broken nose, and the new Real Madrid player is likely to undergo surgery in order to recover from the injury he suffered during the confrontation.

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