The reason for postponing the travel of the Egyptian Olympic team to France

Media reports stated that the Egyptian Olympic team failed to travel to France today, Wednesday, to play two friendly matches before the Olympics, due to the failure to book a private plane to leave the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The Olympic team was scheduled to leave on July 13, before the travel date was brought forward to Wednesday, the 10th of the same month, to play two friendly matches against Iraq and Ukraine, before the start of the Olympic competitions.

Egypt national team mission visas disrupt travel

The Egyptian Football Association confirmed that the mission is waiting to receive entry visas to France, to travel to the city of Bordeaux, after the mission completed all visa issuance procedures through the Olympic Committee, and it is scheduled to receive them within the coming hours, and a new date will be set for travel on the private plane that was booked and its costs paid.

Before the Egyptian mission travels to Bordeaux, it will continue Olympic team His training this evening at the Air Defense Stadium as part of his closed camp in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, led by Brazilian coach Rogerio Micale.

A source in the Egyptian Federation also stated that there is no truth to what was reported regarding not booking a private plane for travel, as the contracts were signed some time ago and the costs were paid in full. He added that the plane is ready to take off at any time once the travel procedures are completed.

Brazilian coach Rogero Mikali, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team (twitter/EFA)

The Federation is waiting for the arrival of the accreditation for each individual in the Egyptian team participating in the Olympics from the French authorities, which will be sent via the International Olympic Committee.

The Egyptian national team will face its Ukrainian counterpart on July 14, then Iraq on the 17th of the same month in a friendly match in preparation for the Olympics, in which the “Pharaohs” participate in Group Three along with the national teams of Spain, Uzbekistan, and the Dominican Islands.

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