The “problem” of scattering of Schneechel papers before the Olympics!

Papers scattered Coach of the Iraqi Olympic team Radhi Shenaishil due to a “problem” at the Air Force Club, which includes important players on its roster for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Shenaishil chose a preliminary list for his team to participate in the Olympics, as he settled on including Air Force players Ayman Hussein and Ibrahim Bayesh among the three players over the legal age (23 years), and he is currently choosing between a group of players to choose the third name.

Shenaishil is concerned about the Air Force situation

The sources told…win win The “coach Iraqi Olympic teamRadhi Shanishil wants the Iraq Stars League to proceed calmly, without any of his players being injured or a problem affecting the status of the first team players or those who will be called up over the legal age. Therefore, he does not feel comfortable with what is happening in the Air Force Club.”

She added, “Shenaishil recently learned of the problem that occurred between the players Ali Jassim and Saad Abdel Amir, which began during the match and the matter developed in the changing room, as the coach is waiting for things to stabilize between the players, especially since the player Ali Jassim enjoys Shenaishil’s trust, while Saad Abdel approached… “The Prince often represents the Iraqi Olympic team, as he is highly regarded by the coach.”

She noted that “Shenaishil is trying to talk to the players so that the issue does not escalate, but at the same time he will wait for the position of the Air Force administration to intervene to end any problem or dispute, which may affect in the future the status and relationship of the players who are important to the coach,” noting that “Shenaishil is scheduled to… He will announce his team list after the second half of this June.”

The Iraqi team will play in the second group, which includes the teams of Argentina, Morocco and Ukraine, and the matches will be held during the month of next July.

Radhi Shanishil with the Iraqi Olympic team

The Iraqi national team had previously qualified for the Olympics by finishing third on the Asian continent, and coach Radhi Shenaishil had previously chosen Iraq’s first assistant coach, Pablo Grandes, and goalkeeper coach, David Falla, to be part of the training staff for the Olympic team.

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