The Premier League announces the decision of the English Premier League clubs to cancel VAR

Association announced Premier LeagueToday, Thursday, the English Premier League clubs decided to cancel video assistant technology (VAR) in the upcoming season 2024-25.

VAR is used in… English Premier League Since 2019, in order to help improve the decision-making process, it did not end the controversy at all. Rather, the past 2023-24 season witnessed many controversial events, which led to increased criticism of the technology, and pushed some teams and fans to question the integrity of the competition. .

Have the English Premier League clubs agreed to abolish VAR?

The Premier League issued a statement via: His official website In it, she said that the English Premier League clubs voted in favor of continuing the use of video technology in the next season 2024-25.

English Premier League clubs reject Wolverhampton’s proposal

The association explained that it was agreed on the need to make improvements for the benefit of the game and the fans, most notably maintaining the fast pace of matches, to achieve the greatest degree of consistency and reduce match interruptions.

The English Premier League clubs also called for the need for PGMOL, the Premier League’s refereeing committee, to train more vigorously on the VAR technology, including focusing on the speed of the process while maintaining the accuracy of decisions.

One of the mouse rooms in the English Premier League

Among the clubs’ requests is also to improve the fan experience inside the stadiums, as it is completely different for those who watch matches on television, because they see different angles, the offside lines drawn, and they have at least a general understanding of this process. As for those who watch the matches from the stadium, the situation is worse for them, despite many of them paying large sums of money to obtain match tickets.

Why did English Premier League clubs vote to abolish VAR?

Premier League clubs have the constitutional right to propose changes to the rules, but any such proposal requires the approval of a two-thirds majority, meaning that the use of video technology in the Premier League could be canceled if 14 of the 20 clubs voted not to continue the technology.

The idea of ​​voting was resorted to, after Wolverhampton FC presented a proposal that the technology should be abolished, and the club said about its proposal that video assisted technology conflicts with football!

When does the new English Premier League season 2024-25 start?

The English Premier League has set the start of the 2024-25 season on Saturday, August 17, 2024, with the new season ending on Sunday, May 25, 2025.

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