The potential number of Al-Ahly matches in the 2025 Club World Cup season

The 2025 Club World Cup, with its new system, which is scheduled to be held in the United States of America, faces major challenges that may hinder its organization, in light of the objection of a number of European clubs to participating in the tournament.

The reason is the weak financial compensation and the increase in the number of matches during the season, which raises many questions about the ability of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) to find solutions to these problems and ensure that the tournament is held on time, or organized at all.

Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s coach, confirmed that his team will not go to participate in the 2025 Club World Cup, and that they will reject the invitation to play in that tournament, like some teams that will do the same, he said, justifying this by the weak financial compensation for participating in the tournament.

The Club World Cup is scheduled to witness the participation of 32 teams, including 5 Arab teams: Al-Ahly of Egypt, Wydad Casablanca of Morocco, Esperance de Tunis, Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia, and Al-Ain of the Emirates.

The crisis that may make European clubs refuse to participate is the number of matches, which may reach 70 per season, in addition to the weak financial compensation.

When is the 2025 Club World Cup and where will it be held?

But what about Arab clubs? Especially the Red Giant, who lives in a difficult reality, which is the absence of a clear agenda for the Egyptian championships for years. How many matches will Al-Ahly have next season in light of the 2025 Club World Cup?

Al-Ahly is facing a crisis that European teams are rejecting due to the 2025 Club World Cup

According to the Egyptian Clubs Association, the season… Egyptian League 2024-2025 will start in the first half of September, approximately a month after the end of the current season, and it is proposed that the competition system be changed in order to get back on track and end the tournament early, most likely in June next year.

The proposed system that is closest to application will be the Belgian system, and some things will be modified to that system that is applied in more than one Arab and international league, most notably the Tunisian League and the Belgian League itself.

The 2025 Club World Cup faces a European boycott campaign

The teams will naturally play against each other in one round, meaning each team will play 17 matches in the first stage of the competition, and then the teams will be divided into two halves, the first half to compete for the title, and the second half to avoid relegation, and the teams will also play that stage in one round. .

The above means that if this system is implemented in the Egyptian League – which is the closest to implementation according to the Egyptian Clubs Association – then the number of Al-Ahly matches will reach 25 matches in the league championship next season.

We are continuing the local competitions, and with regard to the Egypt Cup, it is not yet known when the matches for the 2023-2024 season will be held. The Red Giant’s match against Al Aluminum in the Round of 32 was postponed due to the players’ involvement in the Egypt national team’s camp during the international break in June.

Looking at Al-Ahly’s match schedule during the next stage in the Egyptian League 2023-2024, we find that there is almost no time period available to hold the aluminum match, or the rest of the cup matches if qualified, for which the Egyptian Federation has not announced any special dates yet.

Therefore, we can carry over the matches of that tournament to count them in our calculation of the number of Red Castle matches until the 2025 Club World Cup. Most likely, there is no available time for holding the championship matches in general except in the month of August, which will be the separator between the current season and the next season in the league championship.

Once the Red Giant overcomes the aluminum hurdle, it will face its counterpart, Pharco, and on its way to the final, the teams of the National or Egyptian Bank, Al-Tersana, El-Gouna, Abu Qir Fertilizers, Pyramids, or Al-Nasr.

So, we can increase the number of potential Al-Ahly matches to 30 matches, before moving to the Egyptian Super Cup tournament in which the team is likely to participate, and it will consist of two matches after changing the tournament system to be held with the participation of 4 teams, so the number of possible matches locally only will reach 32 matches.

Is the 2025 Club World Cup in danger of being cancelled?

As for Africa, Al-Ahly has set a date with Zamalek in the African Super Cup. The date of the match has not been set, but it will most likely be next September or October, bringing the number of the team’s potential matches to 33.

The CAF Champions League title holder will begin his campaign in the next edition with two matches in the second preliminary round during next September, bringing the number of matches to 35 matches.

If the team qualifies for the group stage, the team will play 6 additional matches, then the knockout rounds, if it qualifies for the final, 6 additional matches, bringing the number to 47 possible matches.

The importance of next season’s edition of the CAF Champions League is that it will qualify for the 2029 Club World Cup, which is something the Red Genie aspires to, of course.

Most likely, the African Super League will not be held during this season. Due to the pressure of the matches that the Red Castle team will face, along with Esperance, Wydad, and Mamelodi Sundowns, Al-Ahly’s matches in the new season did not end there.

Al-Ahly club is guaranteed to participate in the first edition of the Intercontinental Cup, as it awaits the draw for the tournament to find out whether it will start the competition in the first round against Auckland City, the Oceania champion, or the second round, but the team will play at least a match in that tournament, and the number of matches it will play may reach up to 4 once he reaches the final, bringing the number of possible matches to 51.

What is the Intercontinental Cup alternative to the Club World Cup?

In the event that the 2025 Club World Cup is held, which is supposed to take place between June and July of next year, Al-Ahly will play at least 3 matches in the group stage, and may play 7 matches in the tournament if it reaches the final, bringing the number of possible matches next season to 58 matches in various official competitions.

Number of Al-Ahly matches during the 2025 Club World Cup season

Press reports stated that there are proposals to repeat the Afro-Asian Cup championship between the champions of the African Champions League and the AFC Champions League, and there is another proposal to hold the Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup championship match, in which Al-Ahmar will be a party, which may increase the number of matches that the team will play next season.

The number of Al-Ahly players’ matches will increase by taking into account the matches of the team’s stars with their national teams, meaning that it is possible that a number of the team’s players will participate in 70 matches next season.

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