The only obstacle standing in the way of Iraq playing in the Palestinian territories

Advertise Iraqi Federation For football, there is only one obstacle that could stand in the way of playing in the Palestinian territories in the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

And the draw fell Asian World Cup QualifiersThe Iraqi national team is in Group Two, along with the national teams of South Korea, Jordan, Oman, Palestine and Kuwait.

The Iraqi Federation Vice President Ali Jabbar told WinWin: “The Iraqi Federation’s position is firm and clear towards the Palestinian issue, and it is the same position that the government takes, and we certainly support playing on the home ground of our brotherly team in the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup, especially in these circumstances.”

He added: “The only obstacle that might prevent Iraq from playing on Palestinian soil is a decision by the International Federation of Association Football. If FIFA decides not to hold the Iraq-Palestine match on its soil, then we will not be able to play there. However, if the choice is up to us or if it is related to our approval, then we will certainly agree to play there without thinking.”

Jabbar continued: “All Arab countries will certainly agree to play in the Palestinian territories without the slightest thought. We support the cause in every way, whether at the level of governmental, sports, cultural, or any other field. These matters do not require official statements because our positions are known and it is the duty of every Arab citizen.”

Rajoub stresses importance of hosting Palestinian rivals on Palestinian lands

The head of the Palestinian Football Association, Jibril Rajoub, stressed the importance of playing the “Fedayeen” team’s home matches in Palestine, especially in Jerusalem, which is where the team’s main stadium, “Faisal Al-Husseini”, is located, especially at this difficult time when the land of Palestine is exposed to violations.

Iraq players

Rajoub also pledged to provide a safe environment for all teams participating in these qualifiers, calling on the countries of his group to join the Palestinian Federation in writing history by supporting its right to host and compete on Palestinian lands.

Until now, the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has not announced the stadium where the Palestinian national team will play in the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup, as all the teams in Group Two have expressed their desire to play in Palestine, with the exception of South Korea, which has not announced its position yet.

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