The One Championship in Qatar was an exceptional event

Hua Fong Teh, Co-Founder and Chairman of Winwin Group

Hua Fong Teh, co-founder and president of the One Group, the largest martial arts organization in the world, confirmed in an exclusive statement to the website win winQatar’s hosting of the One Championship was an important moment, as it was the first major fighting event in the Middle East.

Fung Teh stressed that the event received a huge viewership and great media coverage around the world, especially with the participation of international stars and big Arab names. He stressed that the major event put Qatar on the world map Combat sports International, confirming that it will be organized again in Doha.

Fong Teh also pointed out that the Middle East and North Africa region is an interesting market for the group, and they have big plans there, in addition to that Qatar is the starting point for those plans, knowing that the value of the “One” group exceeds $500 million.

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