The new Real Madrid shirt… advanced technology and expected fantastic profits

The new Real Madrid kit has been unveiled The royal club To be worn in the upcoming sports season 2024-2025, as part of preparations for the start of a new era, after a series of recent achievements through which he collected the Spanish League and Champions League titles.

With its new shirt, Real Madrid is preparing to achieve historic sales, as it is the first version on which a name will appear Kylian Mbappeafter the former Paris Saint-Germain striker joined the ranks of the Royal Club on a free transfer this summer.

The new Real Madrid shirt has a simple design, unlike last season’s version, but the Merengues are betting on big profits from their new shirt, especially after the remarkable superiority the team achieved at the local and European levels last season.

Revealing the features of the new Real Madrid shirt

The black shoulder stripes returned to the new Real Madrid shirt, instead of the golden stripes, just as the black color returned to the “Adidas” brand logo, while the line on the neck appeared clearly, taking the shape of the letter (V).

Real Madrid said in an official statement: “The new shirt has a simple design, but it clearly refers to Real Madrid’s genes, and it also contains (HEAT.RDY) technology that regulates air flow to keep players cool during matches.”

Antonio Rudiger dreams of winning the Euro 2024 title with the German national team (X/ToniRuediger) winwin

Fans have been able to obtain the new Real Madrid shirt through the official store of the Royal Club located inside the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium since Wednesday, amid expectations that Kylian Mbappe’s shirt will dominate the majority of sales at the present time.

Real Madrid is experiencing a golden period under the leadership of Florentino Perez, as the veteran Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti led the royal team to win the thirty-sixth title in its history in the Spanish League competition, which is the third title for the Merengue in the last five seasons, expanding the gap to 9 full titles over Barcelona, ​​the runner-up with 27 titles. In his balance.

Real Madrid’s achievements did not stop there, as it continued its quest to win the Champions League title, winning the fifteenth championship in its history in the European competition, after defeating German Borussia Dortmund in the final match with two unanswered goals.

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