The most prominent coaches in Euro 2024… an Italian sweep and a brave German bet

A person who examines the list of the most prominent coaches in the upcoming Euro 2024, which Germany will host this summer, specifically from June 14 to July 14 of this year, will notice many distinctive phenomena related to “linemen.”

Trainers in European Cup They are no less starry than the players, and in addition to possessing remarkable charisma and unique tactical genius, they also have an inspiring history that must be taken into consideration, and the Euro 2024 coaches will not deviate from this context.

An Italian sweep, German courage, a French exception, and “youngsters” on the path to excellence… are all titles that draw a map of the most prominent coaches in the upcoming Euro 2024, whom we will highlight in the following reading.

The most prominent coaches in Euro 2024 with an Italian title

One of the most notable headlines on the list of the most prominent coaches in Euro 2024 is the overwhelming Italian presence, as 5 of the 24 teams qualified for Germany preferred technical leadership from the country of “Calcio”.The Italian school will be represented by five names: Luciano Spalletti (Italy), Vincenzo Montella (Turkey), Italian who also has German citizenship, Domenico Tedesco (Belgium), Marco Rossi (Hungary), Francesco Caltsuna (Slovakia).

The tasks of the trio Montella, Rossi and Caltsuna remain very difficult to impose the colors of their teams in the “Euro Giants”, as Spalletti and Tedesco remain able to climb to the podium, according to the balance of power.

Hospitality country bets on the smallest

A few months before the Euro, the German Football Association made a bold decision to dismiss and appoint Hansi Flick Julian Nagelsmannwho is only 36 years old, will succeed him, specifically on September 22, 2023.The beginning was not promising for Nagelsmann, the former Bayern Munich coach and the youngest coach in the continental championship, who took over the team after a series of disappointing results that included shocking defeats against teams the size of Belgium, Poland, Colombia, Japan, Turkey and Austria, but the level of confidence returned to its level, after two heavy friendly victories that came. At the expense of France (0-2 in Lyon) and the Netherlands (2-1 in Frankfurt).

Despite all that is said about the Germans’ incomplete readiness compared to their competitors, the factor of history stands on the side of Nagelsmann, who may recall the honorable history of his predecessors, who are considered the most successful in the history of the tournament at the level of crowns, as they are the only ones to have won four titles (3 with Germany, via Helmut). Schön in 1972, Jupp Dervall in 1980, Berti Vogts in 1996 and one with Greece thanks to Otto Rehhagel in 2004).

With the return of “maestro” Toni Kroos at an ideal time, who recently announced his official retirement after the European Cup, and the great public support expected from the “Manschaft” fans, Nagelsmann may succeed in shaking off the dust from his country’s national team, which has been waiting to lift the “Euro” title for 28 years.

A special number for Deschamps

French coach Didier Deschamps In turn, he monopolizes an exceptional number in the list of the most prominent coaches in Euro 2024, as he will have the opportunity to achieve a new achievement, as he participated in the tournament with the most 20 matches as a player in 1992, 1996 and 2000 and as a coach in 2016. The “Tricolor” coach also shares another exception with the Italian legend. Dino Zoff as the two who participated most in the final, as players (Deschamps in 2000 and Zoff in 1968) and coaches (Deschamps in 2016 and Zoff in 2000).

Euro 2024 stadiums in Germany are ready to host the matches

Deschamps, who led France to the World Cup title in 2018 and the European Nations League title in 2019, and finished runner-up in the Euro 2016, which was held on his home soil, will seek to equal a unique achievement with the imprint of the German Berti Vogts in the history of the most prominent coaches in the upcoming Euro 2024, as he is the only one who was able to win the title on two occasions, The first was a player in 1972, and the second was a coach in 1996.

the oldest

An observer of the list of the most prominent coaches in Euro 2024 sees that the age differences are not wide among most coaches, as 17 coaches out of a total of 24 in the tournament are between 50 and 65 years old.

Despite the general similarity in the average age of coaches, Italy and Austria were the only ones with the oldest coaches in the tournament, with coaches Luciano Spalletti and German Ralf Rangnick, both of whom are 65 years old.

Stars feel the way of adults

The list of the most prominent coaches in Euro 2024 witnesses the presence of names that not long ago were elite players, and they began little by little to feel the path to stardom in the world of coaching, after they chose teams that were less famous than the elites of Europe, which gave them the opportunity to stand out more.

Italian coach Luciano Spalletti One Win Winwin

Among these coaches we find Brazilian Sylvinho, former Barcelona full-back (Albania national team), Italian Vincenzo Montella, Roma top scorer (Turkey national team), Frenchman Willy Sagnol, Bayern Munich full-back (Georgia), and former Ukrainian striker Serhiy Rebrov (Ukraine).

Euro 2024 national team coaches

the coach The elected Age
German Julian Nagelsmann Germany 36
Scottish Steve Clarke Scotland 60
Italian Marco Rossi Hungary 59
Swiss Murat Yakin Switzerland 49
Spaniard Luis de Lafuente Spain 62
Croatian Zlatko Dalic Croatia 57
Italian Luciano Spalletti Italy 65
Brazilian Silvino Albania 50

Slovenian Matjaz Keck


Danish Casper Hjulmond Denmark 52
Serbian Dragan Stojkovic Serbia 59
England’s Gareth Southgate England 53
Polish Michal Probers Poland 51
Dutchman Ronald Koeman Holland 61
German Ralf Rangnick Austria 65
Frenchman Didier Deschamps France 55
Italian-German Domenico Tedesco Belgium 38
Italian Francesco Caltsuna Slovakia 55
Romanian Edward Iordanescu Romania 45
Ukrainian Serhiy Rebrov Ukraine 49
Italian Vincenzo Montella Türkiye 49
Frenchman Willy Sagnol Georgia 47
Spaniard Roberto Martinez Portugal 50
Czech Ivan Hacek 60 Czech Republic 60

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