The Managing Director of the Unit clarifies the truth about the Ahmed Refaat crisis

Khaled Al-Hanaei, the former managing director of Al-Wahda Club of the UAE, revealed more behind-the-scenes details of the crisis of the late player Ahmed Refaat, which dominated the Egyptian sports scene.

Al-Hanaei denied what Ahmed Diab said in recent statements regarding the legality of Rafat’s travel permit to play professionally in the Emirates, and confirmed that they rushed to make him a professional player without resolving the problem of his recruitment, which put him in a bad psychological state before his death.

Al-Hanaei said in statements to the Egyptian channel “TEN”: “I have reached… Egypt Ahmed Refaat took the tests and passed them successfully, but I learned that he had a problem with the recruitment and I talked about it with Ahmed Diab.”

He continued: “Diab told me that the player would not return with you to the Emirates until his papers were completed within 6 days, and the transfer period in the Emirates was about to end. He told me that the player would leave Egypt for Liberia because his travel permit was directed to Liberia, and it was possible that he would travel to the Emirates after arriving in Ghana as a “transit.”

He continued: “When the player arrived in Ghana, he was heading to Liberia, and I told Ahmed Diab how that was, as we had booked a flight for him to travel to the Emirates from Ghana, and I told him that this would delay his joining, as the transfer period would be closed and the deal might end.”

Exciting details about Ahmed Refaat’s crisis

He explained: “But we agreed to get the player off the plane heading from Ghana to Liberia, a quarter of an hour before its take-off time, and he stayed for 4 hours in Ghana and then took a plane to the Emirates without even bags, and the technical director Ali Maher is a witness to that matter.”

He continued: “When Rafat arrived in the Emirates, Ahmed Diab asked me not to participate in the official matches because the papers and permits had not been completed yet. I refused because the player was now on the club’s payroll and I paid the deal money.”

He added: “Ahmed Refaat shone in the first match when he participated as a substitute, scored and assisted, and received great praise, but he told me that he had a problem in the army and an arrest warrant was issued for him.”

The late player Ahmed Refaat wearing the Egyptian national team jersey

He said: “I asked him about the permit, he told me there was none because the permit was issued to travel to Liberia, but Future’s relationships made him obtain a permit to live for only 3 months, but in reality the contract was a loan for a season with the right to buy.”

He continued: “Refaat began to lose focus because of the calls he was receiving, saying that he would be arrested. He entered a state of depression, and we called his agent, Nader Shawky, to come and talk to him, but he was lost.”

He added: “I asked Ahmed Diab why Ahmed Refaat left Egypt for a living, and this is not true?!” But he told me that this is the prevailing law that the player leaves for a living and the permits are renewed.

He concluded: “We saw that the situation was getting worse every day and the way of travel was strange, but we said that this might be the way in Egypt, so we agreed, but we are not the party that is supposed to look into this matter.”

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