The Libyan Federation imposes the largest financial penalties on clubs in its history

Although clubs Libyan Premier LeagueIt has been experiencing a real financial crisis for many years. The local Football Association imposed financial sanctions that are the largest in its history since the start of the competition in 1964. The clubs’ coffers incurred financial losses exceeding a quarter of a million Libyan dinars due to the sanctions, which is an unprecedented historical figure in the records of the local Football Association.

In numbers, the Financial Football Association’s sanctions affected all (21) Premier League clubs, according to the sanctions list. The total fines amounted to 388,500 Libyan dinars due to the penalties, most of which were due to the actions of the fans of those clubs, and others were due to the penalties imposed on the teams’ players for receiving red cards, with 53 cases of expulsion so far.

Great uncertainty dominates the future of the Libyan Premier League this season (winwiin) One Win Winwin

Also, the Libyan Federation’s financial penalties affected coaches, their assistants, administrators, and equipment supervisors, and even translators had a share of those penalties due to protests against the referees.

Al-Nasr is the club most affected by the Libyan Federation’s sanctions

And longer Victory The winner of the first group and the qualifier for the six-placed podium is the club most affected, as the financial penalties and fines imposed by the Libyan Football Association until the end of the sixteenth round amounted to 23,800 thousand Libyan dinars, followed by Al-Akhdar with an amount of 20,100 Libyan dinars, and Al-Khams comes in third place with an amount of 18,000 Libyan dinars, while the Al-Morouj is the club least affected by the sanctions, amounting to 2,000 Libyan dinars.

Although the value of the disciplinary fines imposed on the clubs exceeded a quarter of a million Libyan dinars, the Libyan Premier League clubs have not paid half the value of the fines to the Football Association yet.

The Libyan League is entering a decisive turning point

The Libyan Premier League, at the second group level, has entered a decisive turning point, with only two rounds remaining at the end of the stage for the group’s teams, in order to qualify for the six-place finish in the competition in the current edition. And within this moment Al-Ahly Tripoli Qualification, while the struggle became intense between the city clubs, second with 30 points, Al-Ittihad, third, with 27 points, Al-Ittihad Al-Misrati, fourth, with 25 points, and Al-Suwaihli, fifth, with 23 points.

In the first group, Al-Nasr qualified for the Hexa with 34 points, and other teams are competing, namely Al-Ahly Benghazi II with 30 points, Al-Hilal third with 29 points, and Al-Akhdar IV with 28 points, in order to qualify to compete for the Premier League title.

The Libyan League includes (21) clubs divided into two groups, the first includes (10) clubs, while the second group includes (11) clubs. The league is held in two round-robin stages, and from each group the top 3 clubs qualify for the six-party league, while one club is relegated. One from each group to the first class.

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