The Jordanian national team defeats Tajikistan and continues its journey towards the World Cup

The Jordanian national team achieved an important victory over Tajikistan, with a score of 3-0, in the match that brought them together tonight at Amman International Stadium, in the fifth and penultimate round of the tournament. Asian World Cup qualifiers 2026.

Jordan’s hat-trick was scored by Ali Alwan in the 51st minute, Yazan Al-Naimat in the 68th minute, and Ibrahim Saadeh in the 90th + 4th minute in the confrontation that was attended by Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, Prince Hashem bin Abdullah II, and Prince Ali bin Al Hussein.

The Jordanian national team clinched its qualification for the third and decisive round of the World Cup qualifiers, raising its score to 10 points behind the Saudi national team, which also clinched its qualification after defeating Pakistan by three clean goals, while the team was eliminated. Tajikistan From the competition after his score stopped at 5 points, Pakistan remained in last place without any points.

The chosen one starchy This victory is more than a bird with one stone, as his victory gave him the official qualification card for the 2027 Asian Cup finals, and gave him greater confidence in moving forward towards achieving his dream of reaching the World Cup for the first time in history.

A clear advantage for the Tajikistan national team

The Tajikistan national team showed early offensive ambitions, and did not shrink defensively, contrary to expectations, which forced the players to be cautious in dealing with the match’s data. Jordanian coach Hussein Amouta did not make any changes to the lineup, as it was completely identical to the lineup that he was relying on in the Asian Cup. .

The Jordanian national team was late in entering the atmosphere of the match, as Musa Al-Taamari, Yazan Al-Naimat, Ali Alwan and Mahmoud Mardi remained without a trace in the first minutes, at a time when Al-Arab and Nassib were bearing the offensive pressure of the opponent and converted more than one ball for a corner kick.

The Tajikistan national team players did not take advantage of the confusion of the young players, especially in the defense line, and scoring opportunities would have been available if they had some concentration in dealing with some balls inside the penalty area.

In the absence of any trace of the Jordanian national team’s attacking power, Ihsan Haddad fired a shot from a long distance, and Yatimov Rustam excelled in blocking it in time.

The Jordanian national team suffered from the randomness of its games, and scenes of cut balls were repeated, keeping Al-Taamari and Al-Naimat away from the atmosphere as the match entered the 24th minute.

The Tajikistan national team missed the opportunity to crown its advantage with a lead goal, as Serov was alone and shot Abu Laila valiantly to keep it away, before Mardi responded with a shot from a long distance that Yatimov caught easily.

From facing Qatar and Afghanistan in the Asian double qualifiers, Winwin

The Tajikistan national team maintained its advantage and put its opponent on its field. Amirov shot a shot from a long distance, but Abu Laila blocked it with great difficulty. Scenes of corner kicks for the Tajikistan national team were repeated while Al-Nashama remained outside the atmosphere, ending the first half in a goalless draw.

The Jordanian national team resolves the confrontation in the second half

The situation did not change in the second half, and the Tajikistan national team’s ambitions to score increased, but it continued to waste opportunities in a strange way, and in the 51st minute, Nizar Al-Rashdan led a coordinated attack and passed a typical ball behind the Tajikistan defense, which Yazan Al-Naimat turned inside the penalty area, and found Ali Alwan shooting it with his foot into the goal.

The Tajikistan national team player was frustrated by the decline in performance, so Al-Nashama tried to exploit this to his advantage, so Al-Naimat manipulated the defense and shot a ground ball that passed next to the post.

The Jordanian national team scored the second goal after Mardi snatched the ball from a Tajikistan defender and passed towards Al-Naimat to confidently shoot into the net in the 68th minute.

The performance of the Tajikistan national team declined significantly, while the Jordanian national team worked to use up the remaining time to maintain the result.

Al-Nashama was able to score his third goal in the 90th minute (90+4) through substitute Ibrahim Saadeh, who took advantage of Al-Naimat’s pass and shot it forcefully into the net.

Regulations for the decisive round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

The instructions for the third and decisive round stipulate that 18 teams will qualify and will be distributed into 3 groups, with the first and second from each group qualifying directly to the 2026 World Cup.

The Jordanian national team seems to have a strong chance of reaching the World Cup for the first time, based on the talented golden generation and raising the number of seats on the Asian continent in the World Cup to 8 seats.

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