The “jinx” haunts Romelu Lukaku in Euro 2024

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) once again stood in the face of Belgian star Romelu Lukaku during the Romania match, and rejected a goal he scored during the second half of the match, which falls within the second round of the Group E competition of the Championship. European Nations Cup 2024 in Germany.

Lukaku scored against a goalkeeper Romania Florin Nita in the 64th minute and celebrated his goal with his teammates, at a time when his country was leading in the score with a clean goal, which he created himself for his colleague Youri Tielemans in the second minute of the match.

But Romelu Lukaku’s celebrations soon stopped after the main referee, Polish Simon Marciniak, announced that the goal had been disallowed due to the Belgian striker being in an offside position before scoring the goal. The decision was confirmed via the semi-automatic offside technique, and it turned out that Lukaku was ahead by a very short distance that may not exceed One centimeter behind Romania defender Radu Dragocin.

Lukaku’s morale collapsed after the match referee’s decision, and he appeared at the peak of grief, after he celebrated with great hysteria with his teammates, thinking that he had exorcised the jinx that struck him during the first round match, which he lost. Belgium Against Slovakia with a clean goal.

Bad luck haunts Romelu Lukaku in Euro 2024

During the Slovakia match, Romelu Lukaku scored a goal in the 56th minute, and he also celebrated it with his teammates and headed towards the fans to greet them, before Turkish referee Halil Umut Miller announced that there was an offside situation that spoiled the Belgians’ joy with their first goal in Euro 2024.

The bad luck did not stop there, as the 31-year-old striker succeeded in hitting the net of Slovakia goalkeeper Martin Dubravka in the 86th minute, at a time when his country was 1-0 behind in the score. It seemed that everything was fine, and nothing happened. There was a stealth mode in the game, but what happened was unexpected.

From facing Belgium and Romania in Euro 2024

A few moments after the Belgian players celebrated the goal, the VAR referee communicated with the main referee, telling him that the goal scored by Romelu Lukaku was incorrect, and the reason was that he touched the ball with his hand before putting it in the goal. The referee was forced to preview the shot on the side screen of the field, and it was done. Providing him with data sent by a smart chip from inside the ball, to ensure that he touched the ball with his hand and quickly reject the goal, causing Belgium to lose by a clean goal.

If technology and VAR technology were absent from the Euro 2024 matches, Romelu Lukaku would currently have 3 goals to his credit, more than any other player in the current version, but the bad luck or “jinx” that befell the Belgian mixed up all the calculations, and made him unable after two matches had passed. About scoring any “legitimate” goal.

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