The “Jewel” of the Iraqi youth team ignites the summer Mercato early

The major Iraqi clubs began an early struggle to win the services of the star of the Iraqi youth national team and the Kahraba team, Amory Faisal, to win his services in the upcoming summer transfers.

Faisal is only 19 years old, and he is considered one of the most promising players in Iraq, and one of the main pillars in Youth teamAnd also with his electrical team.

The Iraqi national team star is wanted in the Air Force and Al-Zawraa

The sources told…win win “The Iraqi youth national team player, Amory Faisal, is receiving the attention and follow-up of the major clubs in the Iraqi league, most notably the Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya and Al-Zawraa teams, which are keen to include the player during the summer transfer period, in order to strengthen the ranks before the new season of the Iraq Stars League.”

She added, “The Air Force Club management finds Faisal to be the best compensation for the player’s possible departure.” Ali Jassimwho is close to moving to the Italian ranks of Como, while Al-Zawraa seeks to include Faisal to be alongside the player Hassan Abdel Karim, to ensure better play for the white team.”

The sources noted that “Al-Kahraba Club management also has a group of external offers to contract with the Iraqi youth national team star, but it has not taken any decision in this regard, especially since the team will try as much as possible to keep its players in order to ensure stability and balanced performance in the next season, with the hope of qualifying.” for a new Asian participation.”

She continued, “The player, Amory Faisal, is not open to the idea of ​​moving on and leaving the Kahraba team. He believes that he is still developing and maturing, so his priority will be to remain with the Kahraba team in the new season.”

She noted that “Al-Kahraba Club will look at the offers, and if one of them meets the ambitions, then the Iraqi Club may consider selling the player,” indicating that “Al-Kahraba coach Louay Salah plays a role in transferring the player to the Air Force, especially since Salah agreed with the Falcons to train the team.” Starting next season.”

Iraqi youth national team player Ali Haider (Facebook/IraqFA) One Win winwin

Amory Faisal has been playing for Al-Kahraba since July 2022, and contributed by scoring many goals for his teammates in Al-Kahraba despite his young age. He also has 5 international matches with the Iraqi national teams, as he represented the Iraqi youth team in 3 matches, while he represented the Olympic team in two matches.

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