The Iraqi national team program in Jakarta

The Iraqi national team is preparing to travel to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, in preparation to face the home team and the fans in the double Asian qualifiers, qualifying for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.

The Iraqi national team will face its Indonesian counterpart at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, at 12 noon Baghdad and Doha time, next Thursday, in the fifth round of qualifiers.

The sources told:win win“The Mesopotamian Lions delegation will leave this evening, Saturday, for the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, via a private plane, on a direct flight that will take 7 hours, where the Iraqi national team delegation will consist of coach Casas and his assistants, as well as the President of the Iraqi Federation, Adnan Darjal, and a number of members of the Federation.”

She added, “The Iraqi delegation will consist of players: Jalal Hassan, Hussein Hassan, Ali Kazem, Kamil Saad, Akam Hashem, Saad Natiq, Zaid Tahseen, Manaf Younis, Ahmed Yahya, Ahmed Makkenzi, Mustafa Saadoun, Safaa Hadi, Ali Jassim, Bashar Rassan.” , Louay Al-Ani, Ibrahim Bayesh/Ayman Hussein and Muhannad Ali.”

She continued: “Professional players will join a delegation directly.” Lions of Mesopotamia In Jakarta, it is hoped that South Korean Seoul defender Rebin Sulaqa will be the first to join, while Wellington Phoenix professional Mohammed Al-Taei will join after him, and then Hussein Ali, Zidane Iqbal, Amir Al-Amari, Marco Faraj, Youssef Al-Amin and Osama Rashid will join in succession.

The Iraqi national team is preparing to face Indonesia

The sources revealed the Iraqi team’s program in Jakarta, saying: “It is hoped that the team will arrive in Jakarta at eight in the morning local time there (four in the morning) in Baghdad and Doha, where the team delegation will settle in its residence, and then it will begin training tomorrow evening.” On Sunday, Casas directed that the gathering be held immediately in Indonesia, without any gathering in Iraq, in order to invest time.

Casas and his assistant staff during the Gulf Cup title win

She continued, “Casas He will speak to the players in recovery training tomorrow evening, Sunday, with actual training starting the next day. The training will be progressively stronger until the day of the match, in order for the team to reach the necessary readiness to play the match, which will witness giving the opportunity to new faces in the Iraqi national team, such as Muhammad. Al-Taie and Marco Faraj.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi team leads the standings of Group Six with a full score from 4 rounds, with 12 points, five points behind the runner-up Indonesian team.

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