The Iraqi national team dreams of the “jewel” of Bayern Munich…but!

The Iraqi Football Association has begun its actual steps to complete player papers Bayern MunichYoussef Nasrawi (German nationality – Iraqi origin), in preparation for representing the Iraqi national football team.

Nasraoui (17 years old) is considered one of the important talents in Bayern Munich in particular and the “Bundesliga” Under-17 Championship in general, due to the capabilities he possesses that made him a key player in the ranks of the “Bavarian” team.

Sources said winwin: “The Expatriates Committee of the Iraqi Football Federation communicated directly with the family of the player Youssef Nasrawi in order to find out the possibility of the player representing the Iraqi national teams in the next stage and to begin the first steps that pave the way for that, which is issuing an Iraqi passport and completing the rest of the necessary papers.”

She added: “The Al-Nasrawi family agreed in principle to issue the Iraqi passport, and this makes me happier.” Local Union And the Expatriates Committee as well, whose members quickly spread the news that Nasrawi had agreed to officially represent the Iraqi national team.”

She explained: “The Al-Nasrawi family, on the other hand, did not like this behavior by the committee members because issuing an Iraqi passport does not mean that the player agreed to represent Iraq.”

She continued: “The player Youssef Nasraoui does not want to rush to represent one of the German or Iraqi national teams. The player believes that making such a decision is premature, especially since he is only 17 years old. At the same time, he fears that the decision to represent Iraq at the present time will affect his future with the German club Bayern Munich.” And also on his status with the German junior national team.”

She continued: “It is hoped that Nasrawi will be promoted to the Bayern Munich youth team as well as the German youth team in the next short period. Therefore, Nasrawi does not want to talk about the national team issue at the present time,” pointing out that “if the Iraqi Federation puts more pressure, perhaps the issue will be reflected in a way.” Negative on the decision to represent “Lions of Mesopotamia” in the future.”

Nasraoui played 23 matches with Bayern Munich this season of the Under-17 Bundesliga, during which he scored 10 goals and provided five assists.

Iraqi youth team

Nasraoui plays in three positions: the defensive midfielder (the anchor), the midfielder (the playmaker), and the offensive winger, and he plays with the left foot.

The 17-year-old has 6 official matches with the German U-17 national team, as well as one match with the German U-16 national team, as his career with the German national teams began on May 28, 2023.

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