The identity of the first players to leave Esperance this summer has been decided

The file of players leaving Esperance next summer began to occupy the minds of club officials, as they began working on the road map for next season and resolving the files that are currently on the table.

Private sources told the website:win win“Esperance is not only trying to bring in players to try to build a more competitive team; it is also considering the possibility of releasing other players who have been out for some time from the list of players that the Portuguese coach relies on for the team. Miguel CardosoThere are many names that were able to enter this group, such as left defender Osama Al-Suhaili.

Al-Sohaili is the first player to leave Esperance

The sources confirmed that Al-Suhaili is a strong candidate to leave Taraji This summer, he is the closest player to leaving Esperance, and most likely his exit will be by terminating the contract binding the two parties by mutual consent.

Coach Miguel Cardoso asks to leave the sheikh of Tunisian clubs, and the Esperance management responds to him: Winwin X:CAF

According to the same sources, it was decided to remove Al-Sahili from training with the first team since the confrontation that brought the team together against the surroundings of Kerkennah in the framework of the Tunisian Cup final, and since that time he has not returned to training with the “Bab Souika” club, and therefore he will be ready to leave Esperance; Because he believes that he has enough talent to be able to succeed in any other team in Tunisia or abroad.

Al-Sahli joined the ranks of Esperance in the summer of 2023, coming from Stade Tunisien. He had successful experiences in Tunisia with the Olympique Beji team, with which he won the Tunisian Cup title, and before that with the Djerba Association team in the second division.

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