The history of Copa America… immortal numbers and unforgettable paradoxes

The history of the Copa America has long been considered one of the richest records in the history of continental and international competitions, with exceptional numbers and strange paradoxes, which is mainly due to the tradition of… CompetitionIts founding dates back to 1916, and by the way, it is the oldest national team tournament that continues to this day, as its next edition is the forty-eighth throughout its long history.

Like other previous editions, the competition will be held on the territory of its host this time, the United States of America, from June 20 to July 14, with the usual excitement stimulated by a glorious record of distinctive phenomena, the most prominent of which we will present to the “winwin” audience in the following reading.

The history of Copa America… the favor of Argentina and the change of name

Argentina, whose football federation was established in 1893, had a special role in the birth of the oldest continental championship in the world, as it coincided with the “Land of Silver” celebration of the centenary of the May Revolution against the Spanish colonialists.

Since its inception, the tournament has known many changes at the level of the competition system, and its name has also changed, as it was not known by its current name “Copa America” until 1975, after being hidden for eight years before returning in the thirtieth edition, knowing that its first name was “Copa America.”South American National Team Championship“That is, the South American National Team Championship.

One of the ironies of the first edition of the tournament is that qualification for it was not through the mechanisms adopted today, but rather according to invitations from the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs to neighboring countries, as it was a ceremonial and symbolic tournament rather than a competitive one at that time. It is worth noting that the teams of Brazil, Uruguay and Chile were the only ones that qualified. Call for attendance in the first edition.

The first cups

The story of the first cup, in turn, was strange, as the winner of the inaugural edition received… Uruguay With a symbolic memorial presented by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as mentioned above.

However, the first official cup was presented to the winner in the second edition in Uruguay in 1917. It was presented and supervised by the South American Confederation (CONMEBOL), the oldest continental confederation that was founded in 1916, noting that the cost of that cup amounted to 3,000 Swiss francs at that time.

The longest in history

The longest match in the history of Copa America was put together Brazil And Uruguay for a decisive summit with the aim of determining the identity of the champion in the third edition in 1919, where the “Seleção” succeeded in crowning its first title after a full 150 minutes, when 4 additional periods were called for at a rate of 15 minutes each, so that Brazil scored in the 122nd minute the title goal, after the end of The original time for a match without goals.

Breaking the partnership…a ​​common slogan between “Tango” and “La Celestie”

With a unified slogan… Argentina and Uruguay aim to end the partnership in the franchise with the most titles (15 titles each), and after Uruguay was the first to have a close relationship with the championship cup, Albi Celeste, who was crowned in the last edition in 2021, took advantage of the absence of its neighbors from the coronation for 13 years. A year, that is, since the 2011 edition, to reduce the gap before adjusting the scale of coronations.

Argentina has a monopoly on the runner-up

In addition to its presence in the leadership of those crowned with the title,… Argentina She also has a distinguished record, as she has finished more than one runner-up in the history of the tournament, having lost completely 14 finals, the first of which was in 1916 and the last in 2016.

In addition, “Tango” surpassed the list of those who reached the semi-finals in the tournament with 36 matches, one match behind Uruguay.

Brazil and broke a 40-year fast

Brazil, the world superpower and owner of five World Cup titles, struggled for 40 years, from 1949 to 1989, to win its fourth cup in the tournament. This was a special event for fans of the “samba dancers” as the country celebrated the 75th anniversary of the founding of the local federation.

A “terrifying” Uruguayan number

Uruguay remained silent, led by its historic star Enzo Francescoli It achieved an exceptional achievement that can be described as “terrifying”, as in 1995 it succeeded in winning the championship for the seventh time on its home soil, achieving 31 wins and 7 draws in a total of 38 matches that it played without experiencing the bitterness of defeat for a full 90 years.

First time guests

The 1993 edition witnessed the presence of guests from outside the continent for the first time, with the duo inviting Mexico and the United States under the pretext of raising the artistic level of the competition.Although the presence of the “Sombrero” country was distinguished in the first edition in 1993 in Ecuador, after it reached the final and lost to Argentina with a score of 2-1 thanks to a double by the “monster” Gabriel Batistuta, before repeating the same thing in 2001 in Colombia, without also winning gold after the loss. In front of the home team with a single goal by Ivan Cordoba, America, which will host the tournament for the second time in 2024, was content with shadow roles away from the competition.

The strongest offensively

Argentina is considered the strongest offensively in the history of Copa America, as its front line “Titans” have scored 474 goals in the tournament so far, leaving second place to their rival Brazil, who scored 430 goals.

A disappointing number for Ecuador

The Ecuadorian national team, which has never won the tournament, maintains a disappointing historical record until now, as it is considered to have the weakest defense line in the history of the Copa America, conceding 327 goals, while Chile comes behind it with 316 goals between its three goals.

Most goalscoring, participating and most decorated

The duo, Uruguayan Norberto Mendes and Brazilian Zizinho, share the list of the best Copa America scorers of all time, with 17 goals each.

Copa America 2024 knows a historic decision (Getty) Winwin winwin

The duo, Sergio Livingstone and Zizinho, are again the players who have played the most in Copa America history, with 34 matches each.

As for the famous “La Celeste” star, Angel Romano, he leads the list of players who won the most Copa America titles in history, with 6 titles.

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