The German national team goalkeeper shocks Nagelsmann with a bold stance

Marc-Andre ter Stegen, the German national football team’s goalkeeper and a professional for the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​shocked coach Julian Nagelsmann with a bold stance and a very frank comment about the identity of the main goalkeeper in the next Euro.

The “Mannachtschaft” team is preparing to compete European Nations Cup 2024which it will host on its territory during the period from June 14 of this year until July 14 of next year.

The German national team, led by Nagelsmann and with the support of its fans, hopes to return to the top of the crown again, for the first time since lifting the Confederations Cup title in 2017. It will also aim to win the Euro title for the fourth time in its history, after 1972 in Belgium, 1980 in Italy, and 1996 in England.

The German national team goalkeeper sends a guaranteed message

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, captain of the Catalan club, described the expected decision not to rely on him as a starter in the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament, under the leadership of coach Nagelsmann, as “very disappointing.”

The guard said in statements from the camp:MachinesThe German in the city of Herzogenaurach, one day after facing Ukraine in a friendly manner, said: “It is not a pleasant situation,” but he must accept it even though he “does not agree with it.” He continued: “In the end, you have responsibilities towards the rest of the group, and you must help with all your might.” “What is possible?”

The Germany national team goalkeeper added: “The national coach told us that sports is one thing and the human aspect is another, and he asked for everyone to trust him.”

Great frustration gripped Marc-Andre ter Stegen after the disastrous mistake against Valencia (Getty)

At the same time, Ter Stegen confirmed that his position had nothing to do with his colleague Manuel Neuer, the main goalkeeper, and said: “On a personal level, Manuel has no relationship. We have a good relationship.”

For his part, Neuer explained that this is a well-known problem in the goalkeeping position, because it is impossible for a coach to field two goalkeepers, and the decision is always difficult.

It should be noted that Neuer suffered an injury that kept him out for many months, before he regained his place in the squad of his club, Bayern Munich, and showed some of his distinguished level in the Champions League competitions, while Ter Stegen maintained his consistent level, despite Barcelona’s decline this season, which it ended. With one hand empty and the other with nothing in it.

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