The former Real Madrid star is preparing to enter Euro history

The former Real Madrid star and one of the most important legends of the Portuguese national team is preparing to make history European Nations Cup 2024 From the broad gate, by breaking a record that had stood for 8 years.

Portugal’s national team records have always been associated with the icon Cristiano Ronaldo, but the nature of the achievement this time relates to another star in the former “Royal” defense line, the rock Pepe.

Former Real Madrid star Pepe is preparing to replace Hungarian Kiraly

Retired Hungarian goalkeeper Gábor Király maintains up to this moment a record that he set on June 26, 2016 when he participated with his country in the quarter-finals of the European Championship at the age of 40 years and 86 days, but it will not last long. He is expected to break the defender Portuguese Pepe This number is if he participates in the current edition of the tournament.

The 41-year-old former Real Madrid star is competing with the Sailors team in the current edition of the Euro 2024 tournament in Germany, and if he participates even for one minute, he will break the record registered in the name of Kiraly.

The Portuguese defender was the oldest player to participate with his country’s national team in the last edition of the tournament, at the age of 38 years and 121 days.

The list of the oldest players to participate with their country’s national teams in the European Nations includes reference players and those with a long international career, including the Englishman Peter Shilton, at the age of 38 years and 271 days (Euro 1988), the Frenchman Lilian Thuram, at the age of 36 years and 164 days (Euro 2008), and the German Lothar Matthaus, at the age of 39. 1 year and 91 days (Euro 2000), and Italian Gianluigi Buffon at 38 years and 156 days.

A strange thing happened in Ronaldo's training with Portugal

Until this moment – before Pepe’s participation – no one had reached the Hungarian goalkeeper’s record in that tournament, but the Royal Club’s back line star is very close to breaking it.

Although he did not play matches in the final stages, with the exception of the 2016 edition, when Hungary beat Austria (0-2) and tied with Iceland (1-1) and with Portugal (3-3), before the tournament was eliminated by Belgium after losing (0-4). However, Kirali participated in 104 matches with his country’s national team at all levels throughout 18 years, from his first international participation on March 25, 1998 until his last participation on November 15, 2016.

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