The former England star warned of Salah’s departure: it will obliterate the identity of Liverpool

The Englishman, Gabriel Agbonlahor, the former Aston Villa and England national team star, warned against the departure of the Egyptian international Mohamed Salahto the ranks of the Saudi Jeddah Federation, hours before the summer transfer window closed in Saudi Arabia.

Salah is closely linked to moving to Jeddah UnionThe Etihad is said to have made an offer worth £215 million. But Liverpool’s management rejects all tempting offers from Al-Jeddawi Club.

In his statements, Agbonlahor stressed the need to keep Salah at any cost. Because the “identity” cannot be identified. Liverpool Without him, he asserted, the 31-year-old is worth more than money to Reds fans.

Agbonlahor said in statements to the network:Football InsiderThe British: “If I were a Liverpool official, I would not neglect Salah; Sometimes the player’s presence is more important than selling even if the financial offer is greater, and in that case “Mo” is indispensable at Liverpool.

He added, “215 million pounds sterling, a world record, but what will they spend this money on in January? Kylian Mbappe will not come, and the presence of Bellingham has gone to Real Madrid, what is the plan to replace Salah ?!”.

And the English striker, who retired from football in 2018, continued: “Without Salah, there will be no identity in Liverpool. Sometimes the value of a player is more than money.”

He concluded his remarks by saying: “I would not accept the offer if I were in charge of Liverpool. Perhaps the owners have another opinion for a 31-year-old player with such a large amount.”

The Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the English star of Liverpool (Getty), won and won

The Egyptian star moved to Liverpool from Rome, Italy, in the summer of 2017, and won many titles with him. Most notably the Champions League, the English Premier League and the Club World Cup; Where the Egyptian international played with his English team 309 matches in various tournaments, scored 188 goals and made 81, ranking third on the ladder of the club’s top scorer throughout history.

It should be noted that Salah renewed his contract with the English club in July 2022 for a period of three years. That is, until 2025, and it is now expected to continue until its end.

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