The Football Association draws the curtain on the Al-Ahly and Enppi crisis

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The Egyptian Federation announces that Al-Ahly won the 2003 Republic League title (X/EFA)

In an official statement issued today, Monday, May 20, the Egyptian Football Association announced the coronation Al-Ahly team In the heart of the Republic League, born in 2003, the controversy was resolved after the “Red Genie” crisis with Enppi regarding the identity of the team that won the championship.

The Egyptian Football Association indicated that the complaint submitted by Enppi Club, against Ibrahim Saeed, player of Al-Masry Club of Port Said, born in 2003, was filed, and the complaint of Al-Ahly Club against player Mohamed Salah Muslim, player of Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria, born in 2033, was filed.

The Football Association declares Al-Ahly champion of the Republic League

The Egyptian Football Association confirmed that, based on the previous data, Al-Ahly Club was officially crowned champion of the 2003 Republic League. The final match of the tournament witnessed controversy after players from Enppi and Al-Ahly celebrated winning the title.

He demanded Enppi By obtaining the full points of the Al-Masry match; To resolve its victory in the league, which was not approved by the Football Association, then the Egyptian Football Association issued an official letter, in which it confirmed that the Al-Ahly team is the champion of the Republic League competition born in 2003 until the results of the investigation into Enppi’s complaint against the Al-Masry player, and Al-Ahly’s complaint against the Al-Ittihad Alexandria goalkeeper. .

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The Egyptian Football Association’s legal department had investigated the complaint submitted by Enppi against the Al-Masry player, and Al-Ahly’s complaint against the Alexandria Al-Ittihad goalkeeper, so it was decided to file both complaints and crown the Red Giant with the championship.


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