The first meeting between Lamine Yamal and Lionel Messi

Munir Al-Nasrawi surprised his father Spain national team talent Yamal surprised everyone by posting a photo on his personal Instagram account, showing the first meeting between Lamine Yamal and Lionel Messi many years ago.

This photo spread like wildfire among football followers on social media, but some doubted its authenticity and said that it was fabricated and incorrect.

Yamal and Messi have something special in common, which is that they are both graduates of Barcelona’s “La Masia” school, and they both play with their left foot, and in the right wing position, although Messi’s position has changed several times during his great football career.

The first meeting between Lamine Yamal and Lionel Messi was a long time ago

In the face of doubts about the authenticity of the photo published by Yamal’s father, the newspaper “SportThe Spanish newspaper reported that the photo of Lamine Yamal and Lionel Messi is real and was taken in December 2007, when the current Spanish international was only 6 months old.

Picture of Yamal and Messi

This photo was taken by a photographer for the newspaper “Sport“Joan Monfort, showing Messi, then 20 years old, with the infant Yamal, who was being held by his mother, Sheila Ibana, as he was being bathed.

This photo was taken during an annual initiative organized by the Spanish newspaper, where a charity schedule is prepared after the Christmas period, an initiative in which all Barcelona players participated voluntarily, most notably The Argentine star Messi.

Messi and Ronaldo continue to disappoint with Argentina and Portugal

Yamal is among the talents that Barcelona is currently counting on to restore the team’s prestige and take it back to the podium, while Messi made history with the Catalan club, and achieved all possible titles with it before leaving it in the summer of 2021.

The duo Lamine Yamal and Lionel Messi are currently participating in the European Nations Cup and the Copa America 2024, as the “Barca” talent will face the German national team today, Friday, in the Euro quarter-finals, while “Leo” qualified with the Argentine national team to the semi-finals of the Copa.

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