The fact that Algeria left the CAF and joined the Asian Confederation

Saeed Flack, media officer at the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), responded to the news about Algeria planning to withdraw from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and join the Asian Football Confederation instead.

In recent hours, reports and news have circulated indicating that the Algerian Federation is considering leaving the CAF mantle and moving to the Asian Confederation, and the subsequent joining of a national team.The greensAnd Algerian clubs to participate in the Asian Football Association competitions.

These reports came a few days after the “shirts” crisis broke out in the African Confederation Cup semi-final match between the Algerian club USM Algiers and Morocco’s Nahdet Berkane, and the CAF Competitions Committee considered the Algerian team defeated by a score of (3-0) back and forth on the field due to lack of… Holding the two meetings.

The FAF media official denies that Algeria is considering withdrawing from the CAF

Saeed Flack, the media official at the “FAF”, confirmed that the news that talks about Algeria thinking about withdrawing from the “CAF” is baseless, and he said in his statement to the “winwin” website: “The news is baseless, and the mind cannot comprehend such news.” “.

He added: “The Algerian Football Federation is surprised by the circulation of such rumors. We do not know the purpose of their spread, and FAF has never thought about withdrawing from the CAF.”

Algeria is considered one of the active and prominent members of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) since it joined this body in 1964, where it played a prominent role and contributed to the development of African football over the past decades. Its first team also succeeded in winning the African Cup of Nations title twice in 1990. And 2019.

Algeria vs South Africa formation (faf) winwin winwin

Next June, the “Greens” team is preparing to play two matches in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers against Guinea and Uganda, respectively, and the “Desert Warriors” team hopes to seize the qualification ticket for its seventh group, which it currently leads with 6 points, in order to represent the continent of Africa. For the fifth time in the World Cup.

Algeria represented the African continent 4 times in the World Cup finals, and the most notable achievement of the “Greens” in the major football event was qualifying for the 16th final of the Brazilian edition in 2014.

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