The fact that a foreign arbitration team was used in the Al-Hussein and Al-Faisaly summit

Jordanian football fans are awaiting the date of the public confrontation between Al-Hussein and Al-Faisaly next Monday at Al-Hassan Stadium in Irbid in the 21st and penultimate round of the tournament. Jordanian Professional League Football.

Al-Hussein Irbid team leads the professional league standings with 56 points, followed by Al-Faisaly in second place with 51 points. Al-Hussein and Al-Faisaly tied in the first leg 1-1.

This confrontation is considered important and decisive in the league championship, as it is enough Leader Draw or win to clinch the title for the first time in his career, as needed Al-Faisaly To win, despite his opponent stumbling in his last meeting with Sahab in the last round, to ensure retaining the championship title.

It was reported among the fans of Al-Hussein Irbid Club that there is an intention from the club’s board of directors to address the Jordanian Football Association regarding the possibility of attracting referees from abroad to manage its match against Al-Faisaly.

The instructions of the Jordanian Football Association allow each club to attract referees from abroad for three matches per season, and this number was limited to allow the local referee to manage the largest number of matches, which contributes to developing his capabilities.

Confidence in local government before the Hussein-Al-Faisaly summit

A private source close to Al-Hussein Club confirmed that there is confidence from the Board of Directors in the capabilities of the local referee, and therefore it is unlikely that a request will be made to bring in referees from abroad to manage the match between Al-Hussein and Al-Faisaly.

The source revealed in his interview with: win win He said: “I do not think that Al-Hussein Irbid will take this step, but we do not know if Al-Faisaly will demand the bringing in of referees from abroad for this match, even though I have ruled that out as well.” He explained: “Certainly the match seems very important, and a refereeing error in it will be prohibited, because Any mistake could change the course of the title.”

Sahab star Ahmed Al-Issawi’s joy did not last long in front of Al-Faisaly (Facebook: JO)

This season witnessed a continuing exciting competition between Al-Hussein and Al-Faisaly, while Al-Wahdat lost its fortunes early as it suffered from a lack of technical stability. Al-Hussein Irbid team also has the opportunity to compete for the Jordan Cup title, unlike its competitor, Al-Faisaly, who exited the competition in the quarter-finals and is seeking to win the league title to save its season.

Al-Faisaly team is at the top of the list of professional league champions with 35 titles, followed by Al-Wehdat with 17 titles, then Al-Ahly with 8 titles.

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