The English Premier League is preparing to issue a historic decision regarding VAR

A vote is scheduled to be held next June on a proposal to abolish VAR technology in the English Premier League starting next season (2024-2025), at the annual club meeting, according to The Athletic platform (The Athletic) British, Wednesday, May 15.

The video assistant referee (VAR) technology has been in effect in the English Premier League since 2019, and although it has helped achieve justice, it has also created cases of endless debate between fans and the press.

According to media outlets, including Sky Sports, there have been many concerns about the undermining of the English Premier League’s brand, and the decline of the competition’s reputation on both the technical and marketing levels, due to the recurring and controversial problems with VAR technology.

In the current season (2023-2024), the accuracy of correct refereeing decisions increased to 96% compared to 82% last season, and Tony Scholes, an English Football Association official, believes that the presence of VAR has enhanced the integrity of the competition and has actually helped develop the game.

Discussions about abolishing VAR in the English Premier League

Wolverhampton Club has submitted a request to vote on abolishing VAR technology in the English Premier League starting next season, and it is known that to ensure the success of any voting process in the League (Premier League), requires the approval of at least 14 clubs out of the 20 clubs in the competition.

One of the mouse rooms in the English Premier League (PL)

Wolverhampton was harmed by the decisions of the VAR technology in the English Premier League this season – according to its claims – and issued a statement in which it denounced the incorrect use of the technology, and explained that the VAR works to erode the authority of the arena referee, in addition to wasting time during the examination period.

The club said: “This step came after careful consideration. We respect everyone, but after 5 seasons of using the mouse technology in the English Premier League, the time has come to hold a constructive and critical discussion about its future. We must stop relying on it from next season.”

What is the English Premier League’s reaction?

The Athletic contacted an official spokesperson for the English Premier League, who said: “The League will facilitate the process of discussing the abolition of VAR at the next annual meeting. Clubs have the right to submit proposals. We are aware of the extent of concerns related to VAR technology in the English Premier League. However, the Premier League supports We will fully and strongly use technology in competition matches, and we will remain committed to that.”

Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino is angry with the refereeing decisions in the English Premier League (Getty) winwin

Sweden was the first European country to refuse to implement VAR technology in its local competitions, when Federation President Fredrik Reinfeldt announced late last April through an official statement that the decision-makers in the Swedish Federation had completely refused to rely on this technology, and 18 elite clubs also voted on the decision in support. Absolutely, and perhaps the English Premier League will follow the example of its Scandinavian counterpart in its next annual meeting.

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