The Egyptian national team strengthens its lead with a positive draw with Guinea Bissau

The Egyptian national team returned with a draw point (1-1) from its match against its host, Muntakhab Guinea BissauIn the match that brought together the two teams on the floor of the September 24 Stadium located in the city of Bissau, in the fourth round of the first group competitions in the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup finals.

The first half of the match ended with Guinea-Bissau taking the lead with a goal, scored by striker Mama Balde in the 41st minute, taking advantage of remarkable confusion in the defenses of the Egyptian national team.

The Egyptian national team equalized the score in the second half

The Egyptian national team showed greater attacking ferocity in the second half of the match, despite Mostafa Mohamed being injured and forced to leave the field in the 18th minute.

The Egyptian team crowned its good attacking performance in the second session by scoring the equalizing goal. Where he managed Mohamed Salah Who scored in the 70th minute, through a distinctive breakthrough from the Liverpool star, followed by a tight, curved shot.

This is Mohamed Salah’s first goal with the Egyptian national team in 5 months, specifically since Salah scored against Mozambique on January 14, in the first round of the group stage of the 2024 African Cup of Nations finals, Côte d’Ivoire.

The remaining minutes of the match between Guinea-Bissau and Egypt passed without new goals being scored, so the match ended in a 1-1 draw.

With this draw, the Egyptian national team raised its score to 10 points from 3 wins and one draw, strengthening its lead in the group standings. On the other hand, Guinea-Bissau’s score froze at 6 points from one win and 3 draws, occupying second place.

Mostafa Mohamed, the Egyptian national team striker, suffers an injury in the match against Guinea-Bissau

The system stipulates Playoffs The winner of each group qualifies directly to the World Cup finals, with the best 4 teams in second place in the nine groups competing in the “play-off” competitions.

The Egyptian national team aspires to qualify for the World Cup finals, for the fourth time in its history, after the “Sons of the Nile” previously qualified for the World Cup in the 1934, 1990, and 2018 editions.

Ranking of the first group in the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup

  1. Egypt national team – 10 points from 4 matches.
  2. Guinea-Bissau national team – 6 points from 4 matches.
  3. Burkina Faso national team – 4 points from 3 matches.
  4. Sierra Leone national team – 4 points from 3 matches.
  5. Ethiopia national team – 3 points from 4 matches.
  6. Djibouti national team – 1 point from 4 matches.

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