The decisive day.. Ramadan Sobhi fears the devastating scenario

Ramadan Sobhi is a club player Pyramidsat five in the evening today, Sunday, June 9, 2024, for a hearing before the Egyptian Anti-Doping Committee, after he was accused of tampering with one of the test samples for detecting doping.

The committee was notified Egyptian Football Association The Pyramids Club suspended the player from participating with his team or the Egyptian national team until he undergoes a hearing, based on which the truth about his accusation of tampering with the sample tests will be determined.

The beginning of the crisis

The suspension of Ramadan Sobhi came a few hours before the announcement of the Egyptian national team list, which was supposed to include the player’s name after Hossam Hassan, the coach of the Pharaohs, contacted him.

Ramadan Sobhi’s doping crisis came back after the player underwent a doping test following one of Pyramids’ matches in the African Champions League, more than 8 months ago, and the player was accused at the time of having the sample incorrect.

Because of Allam… another crisis with the Egyptian Football Association

Gamal Allam, President of the Egyptian Football Association, announced earlier that the sample that Ramadan Sobhi underwent was positive, and that the doping organization informed them of the positiveness of the player’s sample and his club was informed of the decision.

After announcing that the former Al-Ahly player tested positive for doping, the Pyramids Club attacked Gamal Allam, confirming that the player had taken legal action against him due to his statements and violation of the player’s privacy.

Youssef Blaili, the star of Algeria, and Ramsan Sobhi, the most prominent Arab stars who fell into the trap of doping, winwin.

Only one sample was proven to be suspected of tampering, in addition to 7 samples with no problem. Ramadan Sobhi underwent another sample examination, on the same day, and it was also sound and without any problem.

Ramadan Sobhi moves to defend his position

After that, Ramadan Sobhi submitted a memorandum supported by documents to the Doping Committee, which included that he conducted 6 analyzes before that sample, which was described as “corrupt.”

Ramadan also underwent 3 other tests after this sample, in addition to an additional sample drawn from the player one hour after the “corrupt” sample. The sample that the player underwent last April 3 was revealed to be positive, but it was proven to be corrupt, and they requested a response from the player regarding the corruption of the sample.

The Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization sent an official letter to inquire from the player regarding the corruption crisis in one of his samples.

Ramadan Sobhi sent an official response to the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization, and there is supposed to be a procedure followed after the player’s response, which is a temporary suspension until the hearing that will be held today.

Expected penalties

The penalty for a football player taking steroids can reach 4 years, as happened with Paul Pogba, the Italian Juventus player, and the period can also be reduced depending on the case, as well as the substance used and the extent of awareness of the player’s deliberate fraud in order to destroy the sample.

Ramadan Sobhi was supposed to join the roster of the first Egyptian national team led by Hossam Hassan, but his suspension order caused him to be absent from participating with the Pharaohs in the African qualifiers for the World Cup.

The 27-year-old is good at playing on the left wing, and his market value is 3 million euros. He participated with Pyramids this season in 14 matches in the Egyptian Premier League competition, scoring 4 goals and contributing to the assists of 3 others. He also participated with Pyramids in 6 matches in the African Champions League, in addition to two matches in the Egyptian Super Cup.

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