The dark magic behind Real Madrid winning the Champions League title!

Today, Sunday, the German media was greatly affected by Borussia Dortmund’s defeat by Real Madrid in the Champions League final at Wembley Stadium, and considered the yellow team a “tragic hero” and Toni Kroos a “living legend.”

Low “Black Festivalia“The opportunity to win the Champions League title for the second time in their history, after their loss, yesterday, Saturday, with a score of (2-0) to Real Madrid in the final.

The European Champions title is lost to Dortmund due to black magic!

magazine said,SPIEGELThe German weekly said that for two-thirds of the match, Borussia Dortmund was the closest to winning and achieving the Champions League title for the second time in its history, but the “black magic” took effect. For the royal team – as she put it – he started working, completely changing the course of the match, in reference to the amazing ability of Real Madrid players to turn the tide of matches in their favor in a short period.

As for the newspaper “Bild”, it saw that “the dream was bitterly assassinated”, to the point that all of Germany is crying for Borussia Dortmund now, because the “Lions of Westphalia” lost the opportunity to win the championship, as happened in the German final in the Champions League against Bayern Munich in 2013.

The famous newspaper in Germany added: “When the tears dry, the stars of Borussia Dortmund will realize what they neglected during this European season,” while the magazine headlined “KickerSports: “Frustration and pride as well,” stressing that “the story of black and yellow has not yet had its final chapter written,” and that the happy ending lies in optimistic thinking.”

The magazine added: “Real Madrid eventually revealed why it had not lost any final in the Champions League since 1981, because it endures the attack and withstands the blows with enviable calm. It cannot be learned, but rather comes through successive achievements, and this is something that Borussia Dortmund lacks, and it was “A small factor, but it made a difference.”

Someone storms Wembley Stadium in the Champions League final (X/Football__Tweet) One Win winwin

For its part, the channel (RRD) referred to the German team’s loss in the Champions League final this season, and talked about a “dream” that Real Madrid had ended, although it highlighted the “good performance in the first half” provided by Borussia Dortmund.

For his part, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz commented on Borussia Dortmund’s loss in the Champions League final against Real Madrid, and wrote on his personal account on the social networking site:X“Despite everything, my full respect for your level today, dear ones, in Borussia Dortmund.” He also praised the wonderful journey achieved by the German team in The most glorious European competitions This season.

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