The dark horse in the Euro… features are becoming clear and 3 nominated teams

The features of the dark horse in the German Euro became clear early in the competition, as the first round of the group stage presented a number of exciting confrontations, which in turn produced 3 prominent candidates to play the role of “serious competitor” from outside the box of classic nominations for the title.

Although it is too early to make judgments about the teams’ ability to compete strongly or leave quickly with nostalgia, as we have only seen an opening “rehearsal” of the first round, what is certain is that this first show witnessed a number of teams presenting their credentials strongly.

Turkey, with its beautiful display against Georgia (3-1), Romania, with its landslide victory over Ukraine (3-0), and Slovakia, with its resounding surprise against Belgium (1-0), are broad headlines for teams that expressed the seriousness of their clear intentions to be a difficult number in the 17th edition of the tournament. European Cupwhich is hosted by the “Führer Country” until next July 14.

The role of the dark horse in the Euro… Türkiye is the luckiest

To play the role of a dark horse in the Euro or any competition of this size, there must be special specifications, auxiliary factors and additional incentives, all of which fall into the category of one team, in order to achieve the “surprise” equation that usually stands in the face of the competition’s greats and those with great history.

The aforementioned recipe for success is currently available at Türkiye national teamIts special characteristics are represented in the composition of its talented players, led by the leader “Maestro” Hakan Calhanoglu, the star of Inter Milan, and the artist Arda Guler, the promising Real Madrid player and the future of “Anatolia” football, in addition to a number of other players, who move under the guidance of the experienced Italian coach, Vincenzo. Montella.

One of the factors helping Turkey to play the role of a dark horse in the Euro is the unlimited public support from the Turkish community residing in Germany, which is the largest there, and perhaps the greatest evidence of this is its clear role in the confrontation with Georgia, which witnessed its “invasion” of the “Dortmund” stadium.As for the additional incentives that push the Turkish experience forward, they are inevitably historical factors, as the “descendants of Ataturk” seek to erase the negative impact of the last two disappointing participation in the Euro in 2016 and 2020, when they left the competition in the group stage, and thus recall the most distinguished experience in this edition. 2008, when they reached the semi-finals, before their adventure stopped after a narrow defeat against the “Al-Makinat” with a score of (2-3), in an inspiring participation that remained a reference for Turkish football on the continent, following the achievement of the 2002 World Cup, in which the captain’s teammates Hakan Sukur and Hasan Sas achieved success at the time. , the third place.

Romania and Slovakia revolt against tradition

Group Five presented itself strongly by including two teams that proved their ability to play the role of dark horses in the Euro through their first appearance.Romania It dazzled all observers with a sweeping victory over Ukraine, which is considered the most skillful in such continental matches, while Slovakia, unknown to the “star scale,” shocked the Belgian arsenal with a single shot, which was enough to kill the dreams of “Mastermind” Kevin De Bruyne’s colleagues to return to the confrontation.Led by Nicolae Stanciu and in the presence of the son of the legendary Gheorghe Hagi, the talented Yannis Hagi, the Romanian squad seems determined, in its sixth appearance, to repeat the achievement of passing the first round, which has not seen the light of day for 24 years, specifically from Euro 2000.As for Slovaks Led by defensive key Milan Skriniar (Paris Saint-Germain), experienced goalkeeper Martin Dubravka (Newcastle) and midfield engine Stanislav Lobotka (Napoli), they hope to activate the role of their surprise victory over Belgium, flirting with an ancient history in which they played a starring role under the banner of Czechoslovakia, when they lifted Championship Cup in 1976 and came in third place in the 1960 (first tournament) and 1980 editions, while “Independent Slovakia”, far from its glories before the disintegration, seeks only to repeat reaching the second round, which it reached in Euro 2016 before leaving against Germany in the second round. 16 with a clean triple.

Other teams may return to the race

It is true that the first round presented the trio of Turkey, Romania and Slovakia, in the first row of candidates, to play the role of the dark horse in the Euro, but that does not mean that they are the only ones capable of shuffling the competition cards in this German version.

Türkiye's national team players celebrate the winning goal against Georgia

Teams such as Slovenia, which tied against Denmark (1-1), and even Serbia, which was narrowly defeated by England (0-1), and Austria, which bowed before France, shrouded in friendly fire, and Poland, which fell into a harsh scenario against the Netherlands (1-2) in The absence of their only star, Robert Lewandowski, who is injured… All teams are capable of returning from afar, and ably wearing the mantle of the dark horse in the Euro.

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