The Dark Arts That Await Messi in the Copa America Final

Lionel Messi led Argentina to qualify for the final of the 2024 Copa America after Lionel Messi ended his goal drought by scoring a goal to contribute to Win (2-0) over Canada At MetLife Stadium.

Canada have now become the 38th team Lionel Messi has scored against while playing for Argentina, and the 21st team he has scored against in competitive matches.

became Argentina Now one win away from achieving an unprecedented treble, winning 3 major international tournaments in a row, Copa America 2021, World Cup 2022 and Copa America 2024.

No South American team has ever achieved this feat. The only similar feat in world football history was Spain’s World Cup and European Championship wins from 2008 to 2012.

The defending champions produced an experienced performance against Jesse Marsch’s surprise semi-finalists, taking their chances and limiting their opponents to just one shot on target.

Whether the defending champions Argentina play Uruguay or Colombia in the 2024 Copa America final, whatever the opponent, Messi is in for a physically intense match, and especially one with regard to the “tactical” errors that have become the most famous title of the Copa America.

Tactical errors.. the dark art of football

When Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp were at loggerheads at one point, the German coach alluded to what he called the Spaniard’s “dark art” – the tactical fouls he makes to prevent opponents’ attacks.

In the Copa America, this art is spreading so strongly that the tournament has so far witnessed 762 fouls, an unprecedented record in major tournaments. The teams that committed the most fouls are Uruguay (66) and then Colombia (63). It is worth noting that Canada, which committed (66 fouls), played one more match, against Argentina, during which its players committed 15 fouls.

Uruguay, with Marcelo Bielsa, try to press opponents from the final third, and they do so legally or illegally, and their players committed 26 fouls against Brazil in the quarter-finals, and this method undermined Brazil’s capabilities a lot.

Lionel Messi leads Argentina to the 2024 Copa America final

No team has won the ball more often in the opponent’s third than Marcelo Bielsa’s Uruguay, but it’s based on a certain idea: if you don’t get the ball legally, commit a foul.

Bielsa’s team press fiercely, which leads to a high percentage of errors in the attacking third (5.8 per game, more than any other team in the Copa America).

Fouls in the opponent’s third rarely result in a yellow card because they are far from his goal, but they prevent opponents’ counterattacks and undermine the opponent’s attacks, and this is what Messi will undoubtedly find in the Copa America final.

It’s exactly the same for Colombia, where the idea of ​​man-marking and physicality is there, and it’s also worth noting that the smaller pitches in the current Copa America favour a team that presses hard like Colombia and Uruguay.

Copa America 2024 Final Date

The 2024 Copa America final will be held between the Argentine national team and the winner of the Uruguay-Colombia match. The match will be held on July 15 in Miami, and the starting whistle will be blown at exactly 3:00 AM Mecca time.

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