The Chelsea star turns into a model

The fans were amazed when they saw right-back Reece James star Chelsea The Englishman appears in a huge advertising campaign, which sparked a wave of interaction on social media.

James adds his name to a growing list of footballers who shine on the fashion catwalk, leaving a distinctive mark on the world of fashion.

Hector Bellerin’s remarkable appearance with Louis Vuitton in 2019 is a pioneering example of this trend, paving the way for other players to engage in the world of fashion and express themselves through it.

The Chelsea star shows off his passion for style

He drew Reece Jameswho is 24 years old, caught the attention of social media pioneers after pictures spread of him wearing a set of modern fashions for a famous American brand called “Namias” based in Los Angeles.

The interconnection between the world of football and the fashion industry has become closer than ever, with international fashion houses embracing football stars with open arms, and taking advantage of their enormous popularity and appeal to promote their brands.

Some criticism was directed at the player due to his lack of focus on returning to his level last season, as he did not participate in many matches due to the repeated injuries he suffered. They asked the player to pay more attention to his sports career than to his external appearance.

Frequent injuries deprive James of his brilliance with the Blues

James faced a disastrous season full of injuries, as his participation with the Blues team was limited to only 11 matches. Unfortunately for him, the player was unable to score during these matches, and was limited to providing two assists.

Italian Maurizio Sarri during his introduction as coach of Chelsea

Repeated injuries greatly affected James’ performance, preventing him from performing his best on the field. While he hoped to have an exceptional season, James faced difficult challenges that hindered his career with the team.

In total, the England international participated with Chelsea in 158 matches across all competitions, scoring 11 goals and providing 22 assists, based on data from the “Chelsea website.”Transfer Market” Global.

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