The airport incident…a new statement raises controversy about Youssef Blaili’s discipline

Algerian international, Joan Hijam, is a club star Swiss Young Boys The controversy once again regarding the seriousness and professionalism of the Algerian star, Youssef Belaili, is a continuation of the state of confusion prevailing in Algeria over the past few days regarding the “discipline” of the Mouloudia Algeria star, according to the statements of the Algerian national team’s coach, Vladimir Petkovic, during the recent press conference.

The Swiss coach excluded the “Al-Ameed” star from the list of 25 players designated to enter the June camp, in preparation for the matches between Guinea and Uganda in the third and fourth rounds of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, despite his remarkable brilliance this season in the Algerian professional league.

During a press conference, the former coach of the Italian club Lazio justified the decision to exclude the former Esperance star, saying: “Blailey An interesting player with great talent, but I chose not to call him up because the other players in the group are better.” He explained: “Youssef Blayli had discipline problems but the door is still open for him as well.”

Behind the scenes of Youssef Blaili missing the plane before the “Al-Khader” camp

Hajam’s statements to the “ONGR” platform came to increase the existing controversy regarding Blailey’s discipline or not, and the extent of his professionalism, as was the case many times during his football career, perhaps the most prominent of which was with the Saudi Al-Ahly, Brest and Ajaccio clubs in France, as the former French Nantes star pointed out. To an incident that happened to him with Belaili when he was called up to the Algerian national team.

Hajjam told a story that happened to him and Blaili when he was about to join the “Warriors” camp from the Paris airport after being called up with the Algerian national team. He said with a smile: “I have a story with Blaili with my first call-up to the Algerian national team, when I arrived at the Paris airport in order to travel on… The trip to Algeria, where I met some players, such as Nabil Bentaleb, Haris Belqibla, and Rayan Ait Nouri.”

He added: “Then we met Youssef Blayli, who was with his friends at the airport, so we asked him to join us before boarding the plane together, but he preferred to stay with his friends rather than join us afterward.” He added: “We stayed together (the four players), and the time had come.” Boarding the plane, and by the way, we were the last to board.”

Youssef Blayli’s crisis with Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia (Getty) One Win Winwin

He explained: “Then we waited for Blaili and no sign of him appeared and we began to wonder, before the flight attendant assured us that the plane would take off after calling for Blaili on the loudspeaker at the airport to no avail,” before adding: “Then Ben Taleb called Youssef (Blaili).” He tried to inquire about his whereabouts, and he replied, “Don’t worry, I will take the next flight and join you,” before concluding in surprise: “Frankly, Layla doesn’t care.”

This spontaneous statement from Joan Hajjam increases the controversy surrounding Youssef Blayli, whose absence from the Algerian national team camp sparked many divisions among the Algerian fans, some of whom supported the decision of the technical director, Vladimir Petkovic, while others supported the Mouloudia Algeria star, Youssef Blayli, and described him as… A talent that was not appreciated enough.

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