The Air Force accuses the Iraqi Federation of not being neutral.. What is the story?

The management of Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya Club opened fire of criticism against the Iraqi Football Association, accusing the latter of “lack of impartiality” due to the timing of matches.Falcons“In the Iraq Stars League.

The club is competing with Al-Shorta for the top spot in the Iraq Stars League, as Al-Shorta leads the overall standings with 74 points, only 5 points behind Al-Quwa, the runner-up, and 5 rounds before the end of the competition.

Hamadi Ahmed, a member of the club’s administrative body, said on his official Facebook account: “The officials of the Football Association, the Competitions Committee, and the LaLiga League, I don’t know if they feel the high temperatures or not… Our team’s match will be held at five in the afternoon, and the players’ warm-up is at four. Here I wonder.” Is the atmosphere suitable for playing the match?

He added: “The government in Spain grants a holiday to citizens if the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius. Who will bear what will happen to the players and fans in Iraq? The competition will lose its confidence if the team does not play at the same time as the competitors. Perhaps there is someone working behind the scenes within the federation to overthrow the Air Force.” .

He continued: “The Iraqi Federation is required to hold Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya matches at the same time as the competitors’ matches, or to hold our match at 7:30 pm on Tuesday at Al-Shaab Stadium, and the decision is in the hands of the Federation’s president, Adnan Darjal.”

Date of the match between Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya and Al-Naft in the Iraqi League

According to the timings of the Iraq Stars League Competitions Committee, Al-Quwa Club will play its match tomorrow, Sunday, against Al-Naft at Al-Kut Stadium at five o’clock in the evening, Baghdad time, while its competitor, Al-Shorta, will play against Al-Talaba at Al-Shaab International Stadium at seven-thirty in the evening, Baghdad time.

According to the Weather Authority in Iraq, temperatures in most areas of the country will exceed 50 degrees Celsius, as temperatures will continue to rise in the coming period.

Iraqi youth team

Most of Iraq’s stadiums have entered the maintenance phase, while other matches are held in stadiums that lack floodlights. Therefore, matches cannot be held in the evening, but rather are held in the afternoon.

The Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya team went through a sharp decline recently, as it suffered 3 consecutive losses that lost it to the top spot in the Iraq Stars League in favor of Al-Shorta, which prompted the administration to dismiss coach Ayoub Odisho and name his assistant Razzaq Farhan as coach of the first team.

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