That’s why Al-Wehdat will fight for the Jordan Cup!

Al-Wahdat accomplished one of the tasks awaiting him in a competition Jordan Cup Football, where last night they succeeded in overturning a goal deficit against Ramtha, and eliminated them from the competition by winning 3-1.

The team set a date with Shabab Al-Urdun in the semi-finals, and will bring them together next Sunday at Amman International Stadium, while on the same day, Al-Hussein Irbid, the “League Champion,” will host its counterpart Al-Salt at Al-Hassan Irbid Stadium.

Despite the exit of Al-Faisaly, which tops the list of honors in the tournament in terms of the number of titles, the competition appears strong and exciting in the cup, and Al-Hussein Irbid and Al-Wehdat may be closest to reaching the final, based on their capabilities and the tools they possess.

The units are led by Raafat Ali

Despite winningGreen team“They beat Ramtha 3-1 last night, but the fans are still not convinced of their team’s capabilities from a technical and tactical standpoint, and the absence of influential stars from the team for seemingly mysterious reasons raises concerns for them.

There are those who do not find in coach Raafat Ali the competence and appropriate training experience to lead the team, but the coach is still seeking to prove himself, as his success depends only on maintaining the Jordan Cup title.

Al-Hussein Irbid is considered Al-Wahdat’s strongest competitor for the Cup Championship title, and the advantage may tilt in its favor if they reach the final together, as evidenced by the fact that it recently won the league title well-deservedly, and Al-Faisaly came in runner-up and Al-Wahdat came in third.

It may be too early to talk about the two sides of the Jordan Cup final, especially since Al-Hussein Irbid will face its rival Al-Salt, which was one of the best teams in the second leg of the professional league.

Al-Hussein Irbid has the ambition to win the Jordan Cup title for the first time in its history, and to seize glory from both ends after winning the League Cup, and he is looking forward to investing all the positive elements that he enjoys at the present time, in the hope of writing a new history in his career.

What does the Jordan Cup title mean to the units?

The importance of the Jordan Cup Championship has increased, especially for the Al-Wehdat team, as it is first seeking to save its season after failing to win the league title for the third consecutive season, and this is a precedent in its career since the introduction of professionalism at the beginning of the new millennium.

The team is also looking forward to maintaining its title in order to reconcile its fans and save its season, but what increases the importance of the title is that winning it is the only option for Al-Wahdat to ensure participation in the AFC Champions League 2.

Three teams in Jordan obtained the Asian license: Al-Hussein Irbid, Al-Faisaly and Al-Wehdat, and no other Jordanian club has the right to participate in any Asian championship.

Two seats were allocated to Jordanian clubs to participate in the AFC Champions League, where Al-Hussein Irbid secured the first seat as champion of the professional league.

Al-Wahdat and Al-Faisaly are competing for the second seat, but the chances of each of them to participate depend on the results of the Jordan Cup tournament.

Al-Faisaly will participate in the AFC Champions League 2, if any team except Al-Wehdat wins the Jordan Cup in its current edition.

From the match between Al-Wehdat and Ramtha in the Jordan Cup

If the Jordan Hussein Irbid Cup is crowned champion, the second seat in the AFC Champions League 2 will go to the league runner-up, which is Al-Faisaly.

If Al-Wehdat manages to retain the Jordan Cup title, he will be the second representative of Jordanian football in the AFC Champions League 2.

The AFC instructions stipulate that the league champion and the cup champion will participate in the AFC Champions League 2, and if the champion of both tournaments is the same team, the second seat goes to the league runner-up.

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