Tear gas and riots in the African and Esperance match

The events of the people returned to the Tunisian League, this time in the match between Africa and Esperance, which was played today, Sunday, on the field of the Olympic Stadium “Hammadi Al-Aqrabi” in Rades, within the framework of the eighth round of the title-winning stage. Tunisian League Excellent, as the phenomenon of riots in Tunisian stadiums came to the fore.

The riots and violence witnessed in the match between the two teams, which ended with the victory of one team Taraji With a score of 2-1, and thus getting closer to crowning the league title, with the attention of all observers, due to the negative images it left that had nothing to do with the spirit of sports and its morals, and were mainly manifested in sabotaging the sports equipment in the stadium, and damaging the property of others outside it.

The match between Africa and Esperance was stopped due to fireworks

The match between Africa and Esperance was stopped in the 58th minute, and this was due to African fans lighting a large number of fireworks and throwing them inside the match stadium. The referee was forced to stop play due to the difficulty of seeing the players.

Aseel Nemli, Esperance Tunis handball goalkeeper (Facebook/EsperanceSportivedeTunis) Winwin winwin

The African fans repeated the same behavior as the Esperance fans in the first round match of the tournament this season.

Clashes with security

The Tunisian capital derby match witnessed many unfortunate events, as strong clashes broke out between African fans and security inside Hammadi Al-Aqrabi Stadium.

Security was forced to use tear gas, and the match was stopped due to the players having difficulty breathing, and a large number of fans left.

The match was stopped for 15 minutes, in light of the lack of visibility inside the stadium, before it was resumed and ended with Esperance’s victory.

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