Talal Al Balushi raises the shares of the Qatari coach in Iraq

The coach of the Iraqi Zakho team, Qatari Talal Al-Balushi, is close to completing his first season in the Iraqi Premier League 2023-2024, with his team in fourth place in Iraq Premier League With 56 points after 36 matches in the tournament, two rounds before the conclusion.

The sources told the website:win win“Coach Talal Al-Balushi has impressed many Iraqi clubs after his ability to lead Zakho to fourth place, achieving historic numbers for the team, as he became the first coach in the history of Zakho Club to reach 62 points in the Iraqi Premier League competition, and these numbers made him the focus of attention of the popular clubs in the Iraqi Premier League.

Talal Al-Balushi is close to renewing his contract with Zakho Club

The source added that the popular clubs in Iraq, led by Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, tried to move to contract with coach Talal Al-Balushi, but the latter is very close to renewing his contract with Zakho Club, and if he receives an offer from the Qatar Stars League, he may head to coach there, so there is no chance for another coaching experience in Iraq.

He pointed out that Al-Balushi’s brilliance prompted Iraqi clubs to turn to Qatari coaches, especially since most of them have high training certificates and have had experience in Europe and South America, where the management of Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya Club is considering contracting with coach Wissam Rizk, as the Falcons team finds in the coach the qualifications that enable him to lead its team, especially in light of the complex circumstances that the Iraqi coach was unable to continue with.

  Iraqi club Zakho officially signs contract with Qatari coach Talal Al Balushi (FACEBOOK / Zakho Sport Club)

The source added: “Al-Naft Club management is also thinking of contracting a Qatari coach to lead the team, succeeding coach Bassem Qasim, but things are still in the thinking stage and have not taken an official form, especially since the deal may be very complicated due to the Iraqi team’s interest in some important names, so Al-Naft will wait until it finds the appropriate coach to lead its team.”

There was no Qatari training experience in Iraq before coach Talal Al-Balushi (38 years old), but the latter opened the door for his colleagues to train in Iraq, especially after the competitive atmosphere that Al-Balushi experienced with Zakho and the fans’ love for him, after he led the team to victory on 17 occasions.

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