Sudan coach announces his ambitions for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

Sudanese coach Kwasi Appiah pledged to achieve the best result in the Falcons’ two matches against Mauritania and South Sudan, in the third and fourth rounds. For the 2026 World Cup qualifiersHe stressed that he is not afraid to meet the teams of his group, especially the Senegal team, and pointed out his desire to replicate the experience of the English club Manchester City, and end the dominance of the only star in Sudanese football.

Appiah revealed his desire for a strong appearance for the Sudanese team against its Mauritanian counterpart, and he said in an exclusive interview with the website, “win win“We want to achieve the best result in our match against Mauritania,” and he added: “In the qualifying matches, we have to play each match on the basis of the qualification match. We will face a strong team, and we have great confidence in ourselves, and we pledge to achieve the best result, given the distinguished elements of the Sudanese team.”

He continued by saying: “We will play two matches in a row away from our stadium in Nouakchott and Juba, and if we achieve good results in the two matches, we will greatly enhance our chances of qualifying for the World Cup finals, which is a dream that we hope to achieve.”

Sudan coach: We are not afraid of Senegal

The Ghanaian coach expressed great confidence and revealed that he is not afraid of meeting the Senegalese team, saying: “I am not afraid of meeting Senegal, but I am not afraid of any team. I can meet a team consisting of the stars of France, Germany and England, and I am better than them. Football plays 11 players versus similar players.” They are outnumbered, I am not afraid of Senegal and I am ready to meet them.”

He added: “I always work to enhance confidence in the players and instill the spirit of winning in them, and they must know well that they can outperform the strongest competitors.”

Appiah revealed his desire to change some of the concepts that control Sudanese football, and to end the myth of the first or only star. He said: We plan to put an end to the concept of the legendary star in the national team. All players are of great importance to me… Football is a team game that does not depend on skill alone. “.

He added, “After a short period, the team will not be affected by the absence of any player. I can provide young talents who can perform at a level similar to players with ample experience, with my respect for all the senior players in the team.”

Appiah: We want to replicate the City experience

In the same context, Appiah revealed his desire to replicate Nadi’s experience Manchester City He said: “We want an experience similar to the English club, which has influential players on the bench better than the big clubs in the English Premier League. At the present time, we are quietly planning to reach an advanced stage and provide more than one team, and very soon the Sudanese national team will not be affected by the absence of any player.”

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The Sudan coach expressed great happiness at discovering players who represent essential elements in the current national team squad and said: “I am certainly very happy with the presence of great players like Ahmed Hamid Al-Tish and other players. I presented them with great confidence when I was supervising the training of the Khartoum National Club. Now they have become influential and great players.” “They are performing at outstanding levels. I gave them the opportunity and they did not waste it, and I would like to provide more players.”

It is noteworthy that the Sudanese team is in second place in its group with 4 points, with a goal difference from the Senegalese team, and the Jedi Falcons will play two matches on June 6 and 11 against the Mauritania and South Sudan teams.

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