Successful surgery for the expected Al-Ahly club deal

Mohamed Shukri made the expected new Al-Ahly deal and left-back for the club Ceramica CleopatraSuccessful cruciate ligament knee surgery in Germany.

The Ceramica Cleopatra Club announced in an official statement that Shukri successfully performed the operation under the supervision of Dr. Christian Wolff, who is considered one of the leading specialists in this type of cruciate ligament knee surgery.

Mohamed Shukri returns to Ceramica Cleopatra after cruciate ligament surgery

Ceramica Cleopatra indicated in its statement that Mohamed Shukri is scheduled to return to Cairo next Wednesday, the 29th of May. The player is expected to begin the rehabilitation program upon his return, in preparation for returning to his team’s group training in the next stage.

It is worth noting that Mohamed Shoukry participated this current season with Ceramica Cleopatra in 21 matches, 16 matches in the Egyptian Premier League competition, in addition to his participation in two matches in the Champions Clubs Super Cup competition.

Mohamed Shoukry also participated with Ceramica Cleopatra this season in 3 matches in the Egyptian Professional Clubs League Cup competition, and the international left-back contributed to 5 goals with Ceramica Cleopatra, and succeeded in scoring two goals and assisting 3 other goals.

Portuguese Miguel Cardoso, coach of Tunisian Esperance, is confident that his team will win the African Champions League title (Getty)

Mohamed Shoukry was injured in the 11th minute while participating with his team against his counterpart, the Al-Masry team, Port Said, in the competition. Egyptian Premier LeagueHe left due to his injury, and then the club announced that he had suffered a rupture in the cruciate ligament in his knee.

Al-Ahly returns Mohamed Shukri to its ranks

The Al-Ahly club’s board of directors decided earlier to restore Mohamed Shukri and include him in the ranks of the Red Giants again, by activating the repurchase eligibility clause.

It is worth noting that a private source previously disclosed to “win win“Al-Ahly club has not changed its position on the return of Mohamed Shukri again, despite the injury he sustained.

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