State of alert in Iraq due to World Cup qualifiers!

The Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports announced the mobilization of its efforts to host Iraq’s matches in the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup (United States, Canada, Mexico).

The Iraqi national team begins its journey in World Cup qualifiers…facing the Omani national team on September 5th, at Basra International Stadium (Iraq’s stadium in the qualifiers).

Decisive matches await Iraq in the qualifiers

The Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports said in a statement: “The Minister of Youth and Sports, Ahmed Al-Mubarqa, discussed with the senior staff of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, ways to mobilize all efforts to support the Iraqi national team’s progress in the final stage of the World Cup qualifiers.”

The Iraqi minister stressed, according to the statement: “the necessity of preparing for the next fateful stage for the Iraqi national team and standing by its side to achieve the goal of reaching the World Cup, the goal that all Iraqis await, by developing the required plans for this matter, including an integrated media plan to show Iraq in the best possible light as it is known, and reflecting the positive image of the lavish giving and generosity of the Iraqi people and the great public, in addition to supporting the national team in its national journey.”

He pointed out: “The necessity of completing the rehabilitation, maintenance and cleaning works of the sports city and Basra International Stadium, so that they appear in a decent manner before the Iraqi national team plays its first match against its Omani counterpart on the fifth of September of this year,” adding: “The ministry will coordinate with the relevant authorities in order to facilitate the task of accompanying the Iraqi fans to the national team in its matches that take place outside its home country.”

In this context, the director of the sports city in Basra, Lutfi Al-Jazaery, said in media statements: “It was decided to include the Basra International Stadium, its grounds, and its track in a maintenance process according to a plan that was prepared for implementation more than three months ago, but the large number of activities and events prevented that.”

Iraqi audience

“We found that these days are the best days to carry out the maintenance process in preparation for showing this edifice in a distinguished image in the decisive confrontations, which will begin with the match against the Sultanate of Oman on the fifth of September,” he added, concluding: “As for the pitch and its grass, it is an annual maintenance called ‘zeroing’, where only the roots remain, and it is carried out to get rid of a hybrid type that enters with the natural grass, and within two weeks you will see the pitch in a better condition than before.”

The Iraqi national team will play in Group Two of the Asian qualifiers, alongside the national teams of South Korea, Jordan, Oman, Palestine and Kuwait.

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