Stade Tunisien defeats CA Bizertin and wins the Tunisian Cup for the seventh time

The Tunisian Stadium team was able to win the competition title Tunisia Cup For the seventh time in its history, after its victory over the Bizertin Club with a score of 2-0, this evening, Sunday, on the grounds of the Olympic Stadium “Hamadi Agrebi” in Rades.

The Tunisian stadium, led by its coach Hammadi Aldo, succeeded after winning the cup in ensuring its qualification to participate in the African Confederation Cup in the next season 2024-25.

In the (18) minute, Haitham Al-Juwaini wasted a dangerous opportunity for the team nicknamed Baklawa after a shot from inside the penalty area went outside the goal; and from a corner kick, Bilal Al-Majri put his team in the lead by the (32) minute with a perfect header.

Bizertin’s attack improved in the last five minutes and began to search for an equaliser, and the most dangerous chances were created Benzarti For left back Rayan Rahimi, who strangely shot the ball near the post in the 40th minute.

Tunisian stadium confirms its superiority in the second half

The second half started with an exchange of attacks from both teams, unlike the start of the first half. Benzarti tried to confuse the opponent with a pressing attack in the first minutes to adjust the score, but to no avail.

Over time, the Tunisian stadium regained its balance and played to exploit the spaces in the Benzerti defense line, which rushed to attack. In the (58) minute, Haitham Al-Juwaini succeeded in doubling his team’s lead by scoring the second goal.

Brazilian Rodrigo Rodrigues (right) striker for the Tunisian club Esperance Sportive de Tunis

The tone of the match declined after the second goal, and the leading team tried to manage things and maintain its lead. In the last minutes, they were confined to the middle of the field without attempts on either goal. Then the referee blew the whistle at the end of the match, announcing that Al-Baklava had won the title with a clean double.

The team nicknamed “Baklava” won the Tunisian Cup for the seventh time in its history, after winning the competition in (1956, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1966 and 2003), while Benzarti failed to win the title for the fourth time after winning the competition in (1982, 1987 and 2013).

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