special winwin| Four gains achieved by the Iraqi national team against India

Selected achieved Iraq 4 wins in his match against India In the 49th King of Thailand Cup, today, Thursday, in which he won by penalty shootout 5-4, after the end of normal time with a 2-2 draw.

The “winwin” platform reviews the 4 most prominent gains achieved by the “Lions of Mesopotamia” team in the match:

Bashar Rassan presents his credentials

The professional in the ranks of the Qatar team, Bashar Rasan, presented his credentials to coach Jesus Casas, as he was a flame of activity and the most prominent player for Iraq after he caused Iraq’s first goal from the penalty kick, and also hit a free kick that settled on the left post of the Indian team in the 34th minute.

Jesús Casas WINWIN (Facebook/ifa)

Ali Al Hammadi deserves number 10

The English Wimbledon striker, Ali Al-Hammadi, caused many problems for the Indian defense through tackles and also by scoring Iraq’s only goal in the match before leaving in the second half, and this goal is the first for the 21-year-old with his country’s national team in official participation.

Jalal Hassan’s mistake is worth a thousand

The goalkeeper “Jalal Hassan” is the main goalkeeper of the Iraqi national team, and he does not find any competition from his colleagues. Today’s goal that he caused will be a warning bell for the goalkeeper to reconsider his accounts, and therefore the goalkeeper is expected to appear better in the next match, and what saved him from the whip of criticism from The media and fans are to prevail on penalty kicks.

The first appearance of European professionals

The professional in the Dutch ranks of Heerenveen, Hussein Ali, scored his first appearance in the match, as well as the professional in the ranks of Helsinburg, the Swedish Amin Al-Hamwi, and the Swedish Sirius player, also, Andre Al-Sanati. Appointments are coming.

Iraq will face the winner of the Thailand-Lebanon match in the King’s Cup final, which will be held on the 11th of September.

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