Spain star compares Lamine Yamal to Neymar

The Spanish national team and Paris Saint-Germain midfielder was likened to… Fabian RuizThe way his teammate in the national team, Lamine Yamal, played with the Brazilian star Neymar Jr., a player for the Saudi Al-Hilal Club.

Ruiz, who is currently with the national team, spoke. Spanish In Germany, where he is preparing to compete in the quarter-finals of the 2024 European Nations Cup, about the great resemblance between the young Barcelona star and the Brazilian magician Neymar.

The midfielder’s statements came after he revealed that Oh my On his great love for Neymar, he said: “Messi? He’s the best, but the player I liked watching the most is Neymar.”

Ruiz explains the similarities between Lamine Yamal and Neymar

In statements reported by the Spanish media, Ruiz revealed his opinion on the similarity between the playing style of Yamal and Neymar, stressing that the two players are similar in more than one skill, in addition to explaining the difference between the two.

“I think Lamine Yamal andNeymar They are similar when it comes to moving the ball quickly.”

“Although I think Lamine likes to play on the wings more, while Neymar likes to come in and dribble. But there are many things in common between them because Lamine does things when he is 16 that Neymar did at that age,” he added.

Lamine Yamal is currently the most prominent jewel in the Catalan club’s squad, after he appeared remarkably last season despite his young age, in addition to his current brilliance with La Roja in Euro 2024, after becoming the youngest player in the history of the tournament to contribute to one or more goals.

Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal

Although the Brazilian winger’s start is relatively different from Yamal’s, as Neymar began his career in Brazilian stadiums before arriving at Barça at the age of 21, the exceptional skill that the duo have possessed since their young age is very similar.

It is worth noting that Neymar had participated in the shirt Barcelona In 186 matches between 2013 and 2017, he managed to score 105 goals and 76 assists, while Lamine Yamal has played 51 matches so far since his promotion to the first team, and managed to score 7 goals and 10 assists.

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