Spain shatters N’Golo Kante’s legend with France

N’Golo Kante bid farewell to the championship European Nations Cup 2024 from the semi-finals with his country France, after losing to Spain by two goals to one, in an epic match that lived up to the fans’ expectations, and its result was decided in the first half.

The star of the Saudi Jeddah Union participated as a starter in the match and gave an unusually average performance in the middle of the field, which made Didier Deschamps rush to take him out at minute (62) and bring in Antoine Griezmann instead of him in an attempt to strengthen the attack, in light of the delay in the score.

Kante played all matches France The six players in Euro 2024 were key, and Les Bleus avoided defeat in five of them, before losing to La Roja, which led to the downfall of N’Golo Kante’s legend with the French national team in major international tournaments (World Cup and European Nations Cup).

France finally lose in N’Golo Kante’s presence

France have never lost a World Cup or European Championship match when Kante has featured, with the midfielder having played a full 20 games before the clash. SpainDuring which the Roosters achieved 13 wins and 7 draws, without suffering any defeat during regular or extra time, considering that the loss to Switzerland in Euro 2020 was on penalties.

France unbeaten in N’Golo Kante’s presence ahead of Spain clash at major tournaments

In Euro 2016, N’Golo Kante played his first official match with France, in the first round of the group stage against Romania, and was chosen as the man of the match. He then continued to shine after that, parallel to his country’s victories until the final match, where he was absent from the starting lineup, and the Roosters lost the title to Portugal with a late goal from Eder in the first extra time.

In the 2018 World Cup, Kante played all seven of France’s matches until the final, and was one of the main reasons for winning the title at the expense of the Croatian national team. He then participated in four matches, in which his country’s team avoided losing all of them before exiting on penalties against Switzerland in the round of 16.

Zidane threatens Deschamps in the French national team

The Saudi Al-Ittihad player was absent from his country’s national team in the 2022 World Cup due to injury, before returning to it in Euro 2024, in an event that surprised many in France, but the 33-year-old proved his worth once again, and was chosen as the man of the match on two occasions, against Austria and the Netherlands in the group stage, but his participation in the semi-final did not intercede for his country’s team to avoid defeat against Spain, and the player’s series of successes finally ended.

It is not known whether Kante will continue to wear the French national team jersey in the coming period, or whether he will put an end to a busy career that began in 2016, during which he played 61 international matches and scored two goals, as he will be 35 years old when the 2026 World Cup comes around.

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