Spain made France taste the cup in their own way and this player is a liar!

Spain has overcome a new hurdle on its way to the title. Euro 2024After eliminating France from the semi-finals, they reached the final of the tournament, which they won three times before, to await the winner of England and the Netherlands in another summit tomorrow.

The Spaniards succeeded in turning their deficit against the French Roosters around with an early goal by Randal Kolo Muani, after Lamine Yamal and Dani Olmo scored two quick goals before the first half reached its twenty-fifth minute.

Spain saves its fate

It was a tough situation he went through. Spanish national team After conceding an early goal against a team that had only conceded one goal in the tournament, and that was from a penalty kick. A situation that many teams have experienced in the era of Didier Deschamps, the French coach who, as soon as he takes the lead, imposes suffocating fortifications on the opponents and prevents them from reaching his goal easily.

The Spaniards didn’t arrive! They just passed the ball without arriving! This was after a brilliant moment from the young Spaniard Lamine Yamal who fired a wonderful shot that Mike Maignan didn’t expect in this position, so he got out of his proper position for the ball and couldn’t get into the right position to stop such a sudden shot which went to the most difficult place for the goalkeeper.

This is a beautiful thought Lamin Yamal (16 years old) who trusted his abilities no matter who he faced, and knew that shooting could be an effective weapon against a team that intended to defend strongly and had great defensive density opportunities when they were ahead.

When Spain scored, they benefited from two important points: France was no longer able to draw up a defensive plan for the match, and the second point was the momentum of the goal in all its details. The beauty of the goal and the brilliance of the execution, the age of the one who scored it, and his running on the substitutes who received him with great enthusiasm, with a clear bond with a new generation of Spanish football that possesses the capabilities but has not yet tasted the sweetness of titles, and is hungry to do so.

So Spain continued to press, looking for a second goal that was not long in coming thanks to an excellent skill from Dani Olmo inside the French penalty area when he dribbled past Aurelien Tchouameni and shot into the goal with an insufficient touch from Jules Kounde to keep it out of the net, so Olmo imposed his name once again as a fierce player on goal and very useful in confusing the opponents.

It is true that Pedri had more control over the pace of the match with the other two midfielders, but Olmo’s ferocity and his constant thinking about entering the area indirectly benefited the Spanish wingers. The Leipzig star was able to steal the eye of Tchouameni and sometimes Eduardo Camavinga and N’Golo Kante to give the wingers the opportunity to enter from the depth without being bothered except by the full-back who was trying to catch up with him. This even happened in the second half when Yamal almost repeated his goal again.

Tchouameni in front of Rodri!

Any comparison of a pivot player with a Spanish midfielder is unfair in every sense of the word, but who said that anyone is asking Tchouameni to be RodryThe Americans have a famous saying “A man has to do what a man has to do”, and the truth is “Tchouameni has to do what Tchouameni is required to do!” To be more aggressive defensively, a pivot player for a big team like France could never be dribbled past as easily as Olmo in the second goal.

As for his offensive duties, there is no need to talk about the ambiguous role of a player who rarely makes bold decisions on the field, which is something we have seen a lot with Real Madrid and we have spilled a lot of ink about it, which tells you that the problem is not with Deschamps alone in this regard, and perhaps the problem is with Tchouameni, who makes the coaches warn him against taking risks in any way because his risks are likely bad.

So we did not see any sudden passes to the opponent, and the most important thing is the difference between what Rodri and Tchouameni do, as the former has an exceptional ability to bypass the pressure line and appear to his teammates to transform from a pivot player to a late playmaker number (10) and he also moves a lot, while Tchouameni’s movements are very exposed and are nothing more than very routine things that do not move much.

Spain and France players ratings for Euro 2024

The irony is that whether it is Tchouameni who does not do this or Deschamps who asks him not to move forward sometimes to create passing angles, France have a player more capable of covering such a move than Spain. France have Camavinga, who sometimes plays as a pivot and has the physical ability to run and cover behind his team-mate, while Spain have Fabian Ruiz, who is less physically capable of doing so, considering that he has had a great tournament, perhaps because of the presence of Rodri alongside him as well.

Is Tchouameni a liar? It’s hard to say at the moment; but what is certain is that he has never presented his credentials, whether with France or even Real Madrid.

France tastes from the same cup

So Rodri, his side Ruiz, the defense behind them and even the excellent goalkeeper Unai Simon were the weapon of coach Luis de la Fuente to break the French in the second half. Not because of their defensive abilities, which are sometimes at their best (see for example the performance of defender Dani Vivian today, who was completely out of his league after suddenly going from home to hell despite having a great season with Athletic Bilbao), but because they have an exceptional ability to keep the ball and deny it to the French.

France were able to threaten Spain when they took the ball away from them and in more than one shot the match could have turned into (2-2), one of them from the dangerous Kylian Mbappe who took off his mask and decided to fight naked after his injury, but those shots would have poured in if De la Fuente had not decided that Spain’s attack had to continue for two or three minutes with excellent defense of the ball.

In the end, the team qualified, which achieved good results, just like France, but the difference in style and performances made the Spanish qualification good news. They played the best football in the tournament and reached the stage they deserved despite some relative gaps in their formation, while the French, led by Deschamps, will leave after a performance that will be forgotten before they reach Paris.. except perhaps for their match against Belgium, in which they performed well, but that was not enough.

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